Jul 16, 2019Next Generation PIVX Core Wallet GUI now open source!

A major development work that has taken nearly half a year has been released in the form of an open-source Pull Request (PR#954) on PIVX GitHub today.

This new PR encompasses over 5 months of extensive work by PIVX core developer Furszy, in collaboration with Krubit’s design & development team with the aim to make the most advanced and user-friendly wallet in the market.

Starting from the entire creation of a brand new UI / UX flow for the wallet as a whole, and for every current available feature, to the addition of new functionalities (front-end and back-end) were made to be in-line with the wallet that was envisioned in the design phase along with community feedback.

This wallet design is planned to be included as part of core v4.0.0 that is targeted for release before the end of Q3 2019. Expect the compiled testnet binaries sometime next week so you can test and offer more feedback. These unofficial testnet binaries (downloadable app files) will be available for all OS desktops.

Introduction Video by PIVX core developer Furszy



New startup screens!

  • New splash screen.
  • Intro screen revamped.
  • New initial wallet setup walkthrough tutorial wizard!
  • Language selection.

New Dashboard screen!

  • New transactions list.
  • One click receive QR address.
  • Wallet balances always visible in the top bar.

New stakes chart!

  • A brand new chart that let you know how many stakes were received in the past year, month, days!
  • Easy single click operation.

New top status bar!

  • Important information organized at the top of your wallet, always visible and updated in real-time.
  • New wallet lock/unlock dialog.

Two brand new themes!

  • Dark and White theme!!

Newly designed Send screen!

  • PIV/zPIV supported on the same screen.
  • Multi-outputs, remaining balance, total balance.
  • Parse PIVX URI & Payment Request.
  • Custom transaction options!
  • Autocomplete send to address with contacts.
  • Autocomplete URI in “send to” editable box.

Newly designed Receive screen!

  • Create PIVX URI & Payment request wizard. Easy payment request creation.
  • My address QR always visible.
  • Set and modify the address label.
  • Create new addresses on-demand.
  • My addresses list information lot more understandable (creation date included).
  • Single click copy/edit addresses.

New Contacts screen!

  • Create contacts and don’t forget who sent you money, storing an address and label for them.
  • Copy, edit and delete contacts visually.
  • Every editable box address input contains a contacts auto-complete dialog.

New Privacy screen!

  • Mint and Convert PIV to zPIV on the same screen.
  • View your past mints and conversions in an organized list.
  • Select the coin inputs.
  • See zPIV denominations.

New Masternodes screen!

  • New Masternodes list view.
  • New Masternodes creation wizard! (Controller creation wizard dialog).
  • Start, edit, delete masternode from a single click!.
  • Masternodes in-wallet FAQ.

New Settings screen!

  • All of the previous functions have been better organized and improved on the UI.
  • In-Wallet FAQ covering most commonly asked topics.
  • BIP38 encrypt and decrypt addresses flow revamped.
  • MultiSend flow revamped. Now much more visually understandable.
  • Easy Sign/Verify messages.
  • Wallet options layout improved.

New Notifications

  • New snackbar (popup) notification.
  • New default dialogs.