Advanced Proof of Stake

Receive rewards for securing the PIVX network just by holding coins in your wallet.

Secure the Network and Receive Rewards

Running a node on the network will automatically participate in the validation of blocks and transmission of blocks, while your wallet constantly evaluates your personal PIV transactions to see if you win the right to create the next block.

Secure Network

The distributed network of individual nodes provides validation of each transaction and block being added to the blockchain, ensuring the blocks and transactions are valid.

Consistent Block Times

The target block spacing is 60 seconds. Time Protocol V2 greatly reduces the variability between the actual block spacing.

Less Energy Consumption

Proof of Stake can be done on everyday household computing platforms and does not require any specialized mining equipment or high energy costs to keep the network functioning.

Fair Stake

Every UTXO has the chance of winning a stake, with a linear reduction in difficulty based on the value of the UTXO. PIVX does not have any age multiplier in the staking algorithm.


Current Block Height

60 sec

Block Time

2.05 TPB


0.0002 PIV

Avg Transaction Fee

PIVX Proof of Stake Time Protocol v2

A vast improvement over traditional Proof of Stake implementations, Time Protocol V2, introduced in PIVX v4.0, reduces the amount of work spent calculating staking hashes, brings more consistency to the network block times, reduces RAM usage and provides a fairer distribution of block rewards.

These improvements lower the barrier of entry for staking, allowing for low-end devices and smaller coin balance to efficiently stake their PIV.

Estimate your Staking Rewards

Estimate your rewards and see how simple it is to receive staking rewards with PIVX.

NOTE: There is no way to know how many nodes are running on the network, and how much PIV is being staked at any given time, so these calculations are educated estimates.

Estimated 6.5% annual reward

Secure & Effortless Cold Staking

Delegate your PIV for staking to a hot wallet, while maintaining full control and keeping your PIV secured offline.

Specialized PIVX Masternodes

PIVX Masternodes provide additional nodes to validate blocks and transactions, adding to the distributed security of the network. These nodes are always on, and require collateral to be held in a controlling wallet. Masternode owners are rewarded for their service to the network and are also given voting rights to participate in governance.

Guides and Documentation

Looking for more details or instructions? No Problem. We got you covered.

Frequently asked Questions

What is a Proof of Stake?

Proof of Stake is an emerging consensus mechanism that needs to be performed in order to create a new group of trustless transactions (the so-called block) on a distributed ledger called blockchain. In the new age of Digital Currencies, there has to be something to back the creation of the coins, and with that comes Proof of Stake. It is the green way of receiving (staking) crypto in comparison to the Proof of Work coins you have probably heard of with Bitcoin or Monero. They use more energy than a small country to power their blockchain. PIVX uses far less energy than Bitcoin or Monero.

What are the advantages of PoS over PoW?

Compared to the PoW cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Monero, it is far easier and less costly to participate in the network and receive rewards with PIVX. You can stake even with 1 PIV, and with PIVX's Cold Staking, you have the opportunity to keep your energy and hardware costs as low as possible.

What is Staking?

Staking is the process of locking your coins for any time period set by you in order to help the network achieve consensus of proof of stake by validating every transaction that occurs on the network to be written permanently to the blockchain. In return stakers that mint the next block are rewarded a block reward.

How does the staking work?

Whenever an user has at least 1 PIV in their fully synchronized PIVX core wallet, that node then is permitted to participate in the network with its corresponding amount of stake. PIVX uses an advanced Proof of Stake algorithm, which effectively secures the network against malicious actors. This allows PIVX owners to receive block rewards just by helping to secure the network. Anyone who owns PIV can stake and receive rewards.

How can I receive PIVs as the rewards with Proof of Stake?

It is simple. Buy PIVs on the exchange, move coins to your wallet, hold, and unlock your wallet for staking. The more coins you hold in your wallet, the more likely you will get a reward.

Need more help?

You can learn more in the PIVX Knowledgebase or post your questions in the PIVX Forum or Discord.