Regulatory Information

PIVX is not a security and offers an optional financial data protection fully compliant with the regulatory requirements.

PIVX Complies with the FATF Travel Rule and AML/CFT regulations

PIVX is compatible with the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing (AML/CFT) laws and regulations, as well as the FATF Travel Rule. PIVX is offering optional financial data protection, which means that users can choose between the Transparent addresses (identical to Bitcoin's) and Shield addresses. If an user is sending coins to the Shield address, PIVX offers an Encrypted Memo feature, which allows attaching personally identifiable information to the Shield transaction. Unlike Bitcoin and other public blockchains, Shield transaction allows sending an encrypted message up to 512 bytes which, if required by Exchanges or any other party to fulfill the regulatory requirements, can be filled with personally identifiable information such as the sender's first and last name, Personal Identification (PID) Number, date of birth, residential address and similar. Thanks to the Encrypted Memo feature, PIVX can satisfy the regulations easier than public pseudo anonymous blockchains.

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PIVX is NOT a Security

An independent legal analysis and review of PIVX provided by Cogent Law Group resulted with a confirmation that PIVX is NOT a Security. Furthermore, PIVX has been validated by the Crypto Rating Council. PIVX didn't have an ICO, it didn't have a coin swap and it was fairly launched in a decentralized manner. PIVX does NOT have the characteristics of a Security.

Read the full legal analysis from Cogent Law Group here:

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