Merchant Integration

Start accepting new sources of revenue from a global community of PIVX users.

Merchant Integration That's Simple, Fast & Secure

Considering alternative payment methods to outdated methods? Here are 4 reasons why PIVX is the best option for merchants:

Reduce costs

The cost of a transaction is very small, usually less than $0.01.

Instant payments

Receive payments quickly, usually within a minute.

Open source code

The PIVX code is completely open source, which means that you can easily integrate PIVX-developed payment methods for free.

Community Support

Get support from our passionate community of end-users, merchants and ambassadors.

The PIVX Media Kit

Select, print, and display your preferred media for your local business.

Guides and Documentation

Looking for more details or instructions? No Problem. We've got you covered.

Need more help?

You can learn more in the PIVX Knowledgebase or post your questions in the PIVX Forum or Discord.