PIVX White Papers

Detailed here are some of the academic documentation about PIVX, it's monetary policy, and more.

PIVX White Papers Archives

Below you will find archived PIVX White Papers that are outdated and contain data about previous versions.


2018 PIVX White Paper

Version 1.01a

DISCLAIMER: Please be advised that the PIVX White Paper is currently out of date. New White Paper is under development and will be released aligned with the PIVX 5.0 Core wallet release coming later this year which will introduce the brand new SHIELD protocol. On the other hand, PIVX Economic White Paper is current and recently updated.

PIVX Economics Whitepaper

Check the academic documentation about PIVX Coin Economics, its monetary policy and economic forces behind the coin.

Development Roadmap

The development roadmap provides detailed information on the upcoming (short-term and long-term) PIVX developments. However, please note that goals in the roadmap are subject to change depending on the community priorities and the project as a whole.