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Aug 28, 2021PIVX v5.3.0 Wallet Release and Network Upgrade Announcement

This is a mandatory wallet upgrade with numerous new features and core improvements! Network upgrade enforcement is scheduled to take effect from block height 3,014,000, which will occur on September 10th, 2021 at approx. 15:00 UTC.

09/10/2021 UPDATE - v5.3 Network Upgrade successfuly occurred at block 3,014,000 and Cold Staking has been re-activated.

v5.3.0 is available for download!

PIVX Core Wallet v5.3.0 has been released! This is a mandatory wallet upgrade with new network features such as the Tor v3 addresses support, numerous core improvements like faster blockchain synchronization, non-English characters support in file directories, bug fixes and much more!. Scroll to the “v5.3.0 key changes” section to know more about all of them.

We invite you to upgrade the wallet before the network upgrade scheduled at block 3,014,000, which is expected to happen on September 10th, 2021 at approx. 15:00 UTC.

To ensure the smooth and flawless network upgrade, SPORK 19 has been activated and Cold Staking has been put into maintenance mode temporarily during the upgrade window (Aug 28th - Sept 10th). The functionality will be reactivated on Sept 10th after the network upgrade enforcement. In case you want to keep staking, feel free to spend your Cold Staking delegations and continue staking regularly, or simply just wait for September 10th, when the functionality will be reactivated and it will automatically continue Cold Staking as before.

Last but not least, make sure to upgrade your wallet to v5.3.0 even in case you’ve already downloaded the v5.3.0rc1, because v5.3.0 includes additional changes that are not backwards compatible with any older wallet versions.

v5.3.0 key changes:

  • Tor v3 onion addresses network support (BIP155).
  • Faster block synchronization and overall node synchronization improvements.
  • Windows non-ASCII filenames and directories are now fully supported.
  • Subtract fee from amount feature available directly through the Core Wallet GUI.
  • Multi-wallet support feature (only via the RPC command line for now).
  • RPC-console nested commands.
  • Test coverage greatly expanded for the P2P message processing area.
  • Multiple DoS vectors and bugs covered.
  • Erebus covered (https://erebus-attack.comp.nus.edu.sg/).
  • And much more!

Complete list of changes and improvements are publicly available on the v5.3.0 Release Notes.

Latest v5.3.0 binaries can be downloaded here:

And in the GitHub’s repository tag:

Where is PIVX currently standing with the development?

Development in PIVX never stops. Our codebase is getting stronger and stronger every single day thanks to the tireless work of the PIVX Core Development team. As it was announced 2 months ago, PIVX successfully added full support for the newest generation Tor v3 Onion addresses (BIP155). Successful launch of the v5.3.0 allows PIVX Core Developers to entirely switch the focus on the next 2 milestones: v5.4.0 and v6.0.

In short, v5.4.0 will introduce the entirely new Governance Graphical User Interface (GUI). Everyone will be able to track the status of the active proposals directly from the Core wallet and cast the votes without the need of typing the commands in the console anymore. v5.4.0 will most likely be a non-mandatory wallet upgrade with multiple performance improvements, GUI additions and bug fixes, expected to be released sometime in October this year.

On another note, the development of one of the largest upgrades in PIVX history, v6.0, is progressing rapidly. It will introduce a completely redesigned tier two network with multiple new features and overall security enhancements.

The Deterministic Masternodes work is already completed and merged. Now the focus is on the Aggregated Shamir’s Secret Sharing Scheme and the DKG protocol as base building blocks for the new Masternodes Proof of Service (PoSe) and the Long-Living Masternode Quorums. Then the next step will be Chain Locks, and more!

Last but not least, another unique research is being done in parallel with v6.0, involving an evolution of the PIVX Proof of Stake consensus protocol. More information will come in the upcoming weeks! Stay tuned!


1. Do I have to upgrade?
- Yes. Everyone running the core desktop wallet needs to upgrade to v5.3.0 or higher. No exceptions.

2. When is the upgrade deadline?
- Network enforcement will occur on mainnet block 3,014,000. That is expected to be sometime around September 10th, 2021. To avoid the hassle of recovering a forked wallet, it is highly recommended that you upgrade before then.

3. Do I need to upgrade / restart my masternodes?
- Yes. It is required for both controller and remote masternode to be upgraded / re-started after the upgrade.

4. What if I have my coins on an exchange or an external wallet?
- As long as that exchange or service upgrades in a timely manner, you won't need to do anything. PIVX team will notify every PIVX-supporting service that we know of to upgrade before the above network enforcement block/date.

5. What if I have active Cold Staking delegations?
- You can either spend your Cold Staking delegations and keep staking regularly, or just wait for the September 10th and Cold Staking delegations will keep staking as before.