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Sep 28, 2021PIVX v5.3.2 Core wallet has been released!

A very important release that fixes a forking scenario has been released and is available for download!

PIVX v5.3.2 Core wallet has been published and is available for download!
It's a highly recommended Core Wallet update which fixes a forking scenario where the node rejects and marks as invalid a valid block in a parallel branch, although the majority of users weren’t affected at all.

We invite you to update your wallet as soon as possible to make sure that you cannot end up affected by this issue anyhow.

Release notes of this wallet update can be found here.

Latest v5.3.2 binaries can be downloaded here:

And in GitHub’s repository release tag:


1. Do I have to upgrade?
- Although this isn't a mandatory wallet upgrade, it is highly recommended that you upgrade your wallet as soon as possible to remove the possibility of ending up on the forked chain.

2. Do I need to upgrade my Masternodes as well?
- Yes, it is highly recommended that you upgrade all your wallets, including the Masternodes. However, please note that you do not need to start the Masternode from Control wallet after upgrade. Just close the v5.3.x wallet that you were running, upgrade to v5.3.2 and start the wallet again. That's it.