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Oct 17, 2021PIVX v5.3.2.1 Core wallet has been released!

This is an optional patch version release focused on solving specific issues reported by the community.

PIVX v5.3.2.1 Core wallet has been published and is available for download.
It's an optional minor Core Wallet update which fixes a couple bugs reported by the community and third party services.

v5.3.2.1 key changes:

  • The dashboard staking chart "last day of the month not being shown" bug was fixed.
  • The non-refreshed locked coins label, in the coin control dialog, for shield notes selection bug was fixed.
  • More accurate bytes, fee and "after fee" calculation in coin control.
  • The invalid presentation of non available translatable strings such as "Welcome to %1 wallet" bug was fixed.
  • The RPC sendmany command selecting, by default, non-confirmed utxo bug was fixed.

Release notes of this wallet update can be found here.

Latest v5.3.2.1 binaries can be downloaded here:

And in GitHub’s repository release tag:


1. Do I have to upgrade?
- No, it's an optional wallet upgrade and you don't need to update it if you don't want to. You are free to skip this optional release, although it includes some of the useful GUI bug fixes.

2. Do I need to upgrade my Masternodes?
- No, you don't need to upgrade your Masternodes as well.