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Apr 26, 2021PIVX v5.1.0 Core Wallet is finally here!

A long-awaited PIVX v5.1.0 Core Wallet has been released. This is a first major wallet release since the PIVX v5.0 SHIELD activation.


After 4.5 months of development and 3 successful testing phases, PIVX v5.1.0 is finally here and available for download! It is a non-mandatory, but highly recommended wallet upgrade. v5.1.0 represents a huge step forward towards the big PIVX v6.0 network upgrade.

v5.1.0 key changes:

  • Significantly faster synchronization and reindex processes.
  • Major GUI responsiveness improvement with processing requirements reduction.
  • Node performance, stability and mempool privacy enhancements.
  • Better chain-state corruption recovery.
  • Multiple bugs fixes, code refactorings and readability refinements.
  • Expanded functional and unit test coverage.

Complete list of changes and improvements are publicly available on PIVX GitHub here.

Be ready to upgrade your wallet!

Latest v5.1.0 binaries can be downloaded here:

And in the GitHub’s repository tag:

Where is PIVX currently standing and what is coming next in the foreseeable future?

PIVX v5.0 and SHIELD activation on mainnet started a whole new chapter in PIVX’s history. With the successful SHIELD activation, PIVX core developers proved once again their capabilities to bring innovations into the cryptocurrency space and showed impressive skills by delivering the world's first zk-SNARKs Sapling protocol into a Proof of Stake blockchain.

With v5.1.0 being released, PIVX core developers are now switching their focus entirely to the next major wallet release which will introduce significant network upgrade, all within the upcoming v6.0 release.

v6.0 aims to re-activate the hardened version of Cold Staking functionality with multiple improvements and bug fixes. v6.0 introduces Deterministic Masternode Lists, a whole new and completely redesigned system of PIVX’s tier two network. A detailed and more technical explanation can be found directly in the Deterministic Masternodes Pull Request here.

Besides these 2 features, there will be a significant amount of improvements and new features, which will be covered in the upcoming posts. Feel free to follow the v6.0 development progress which is publicly available on GitHub here.