Decentralized Governance

Submit and vote on proposals for projects, budgets, and expenses.

Participate in Governance, Run a Masternode

The PIVX DAO is governed by community-designed decentralized governance. Proposals are submitted to the network and voted on by the second-layer masternodes to decide whether or not the proposal should receive funding.

Community Treasury

Every month, there are 432,000 PIVs available for proposals that receive a sufficient percentage of "Yes" votes compared to "No" votes (10%). These funds come from the PIVX treasury and are not subject to change.

Proposals Submission

To participate in the voting process, you can submit your proposal for a fee of 50PIV. Your proposal can be related to any area of the project's development, whether you're a developer, ambassador, or even a singer! The most important factor is a positive outcome, which you can include in your proposal forecast.

Decentralized Voting

Masternode owners cast their votes on the submitted proposals. The voting process is decentralized and anonymous as the owners and their masternodes are located in different regions of the world.

Transparent History

All proposed and implemented proposals, as well as vote results, are visible to any user. All available information can be found here.


PIVX is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), which is one of the most innovative business models available today. This allows organizations like PIVX to fully utilize the potential of a business that is not owned by anyone and is based on blockchain technology.

The PIVX Treasury

The PIVX treasury is a virtual fund that is allocated 10 PIV per block added to the network, resulting in a budget of 432,000 PIV each cycle.

These PIV are not created, only made available for allocation. As part of the proposal process, community members submit proposals to the system and Masternode owners vote on them. Proposals that pass are then granted the funds requested.

The Power of Community

PIVX has a very friendly community with members worldwide. As a DAO, PIVX understands that true power comes from individuals' freedom, and its community is enthusiastic about empowering others.

Guides and Documentation

Looking for more details or instructions? No Problem. We've got you covered.

Frequently asked Questions

What is a DAO and how does it work?

DAO stands for the Decentralized Autonomous Organization. It is simply an organization that is purely ownerless and its rules are written in a code. PIVX DAO is governed by the PIVX community by voting model, which is currently 1 Masternode = 1 vote. Through voting, community can decide which proposals they want to support and fund to get the service offered in a proposal.

What can I vote on in the Governance as a masternode owner?

Any proposal submitted can be voted on. The range of the proposals vary between marketing, products, development, community management or fun projects. The community decides, YOU decide.

How do I vote?

You vote via your wallet. There are various places to also discuss and get a read on the proposals that are up for voting in the wallet.

Why do you even have a “Governance”?

We feel that if you are your own bank, you should have a choice in what direction the bank goes. Voting in our DAO/Governance can be making important changes or trivial ones just like in real life. So we find it important to act in the interests of everyone who participates and everyone has a chance to. The PIVX treasury is also completely transparent to show users that we are well established and trusted as a DAO that allows users to vote on how the funding should be used.

Need more help?

You can learn more in the PIVX Knowledgebase or post your questions in the PIVX Forum or Discord.