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Apr 23, 2021PIVX Weekly Market Update (April 15th, 2021 - April 22nd, 2021)

Across the board, all cryptos saw a downturn in the markets (compared to USD). Despite this, PIVX continued to remain strong against BTC (satoshi values). The average weekly volume saw a 54% decrease compared to the prior week. The average weekly USD price also decreased, down 12% compared to last week and as a result, the average weekly marketcap also decreased 14% compared to last week. The daily USD price spread widened a bit to $0.42, as compared to a spread of $0.33 the week prior.

The Daily Volume for PIVX ranged between $1.79M and $2.89M, with an Average Daily Volume of $2.29M.  The total volume over this same 7 day period was $16M (Figure 1).

The Daily Total Marketcap for PIVX ranged between $99M and $138M, for an Average Marketcap of $115M (Figure 1).  

The Daily USD Value for PIVX ranged between $1.61 and $2.03 with an Average USD price for the week of $1.81 (Figure 1).

The top three exchanges regarding trade volumes were:

  1. Binance (PIVX/BTC)
  2. Binance (PIVX/ETH)
  3. Kucoin (PIVX/USDT)


Bryan Doreian


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