Aug 4, 2020How the Internet is changing our lives and PIVX development.

Have you ever thought about how our online life is becoming a larger part of our daily life? According to the research of the company “We are social”, the average inhabitant of the planet spends almost 7 hours daily on the Internet. And this is almost a third of our life!

Yes, some of you will say  you need to live a more normal life, and not reside so much in virtual space. It is harmful, both for physical health and psychological. However, this article is about what positive opportunities the Internet gives us, including PIVX. And now everything in order.


More and more people tend to self-educate for various reasons. Already outdated or too centralized, education in local institutions show there is no opportunity to receive education in the areas that interests people; lack of quality education in local institutions, or it’s too expensive. The Internet plays a significant role in solving these problems. With the help of the Internet, you can independently study almost any profession, choose training methods (practical or theoretical), if necessary, choose a qualified and suitable teacher from a large list of teachers. The possibilities are endless. And last but not least, you save time, money and get what you want. By the way, if you want to explore the world of blockchain through PIVX, this section is a good start.


After graduation, it is not always possible to find a good job due to lack of experience. This is one of the main reasons for refusing to hire an employee. To solve this problem, many often start their career paths with freelancing. However, it can be difficult to find what you need, but the Internet is helping to solve this problem. There are many websites where you can find what you need. Just google “freelance” and see for yourself. You can also become a PIVX freelancer or contribute to the development of the project through staking. One has only to start!


In our time,  so-called “brain” work is more and more appreciated than physical work. This happened thanks to the automation of industries where manual labor was previously valued. Today, “brain” work affects our life much more than physical work, and accordingly, it is often paid much higher. In this sense, the Internet offers many possibilities. You can find the desired job from a variety of options offered. You can work from home or from any other country – you only need a computer and an internet connection. There is no need to attend business meetings – everything can be organized online. This is not a complete list of all the benefits of using the Internet for work. Do you have the capabilities and skills that PIVX could use? You could also contribute to the development of PIVX and receive rewards (more).

Internet and PIVX

For a complete picture of what opportunities the Internet provides us, let’s take a look at the example of PIVX.

The process of working with PIVX – a decentralized project built on the community for the community happens thanks to the Internet. We communicate and discuss the future development of PIVX in the online chat Discord. We vote for the further development of PIVX from home, just by studying the proposals online. All PIVX developers activity is posted on Github, and various PIVX updates are posted on social media (such as Twitter). And, of course, everyone can get acquainted with PIVX by visiting the official website. Anyone can storetradepay with $PIV currency from anywhere in the world where the Internet is available.


Despite the fact that the Internet provides us with unlimited opportunities, it is still worth taking precautions to protect your health:

  • take 15 minute breaks (at least once an hour) during which you can do exercises (for example, squats) and eye exercises;
  • set the screen tint to red and decrease the brightness; these actions will reduce the strain on your eyes;
  • sit upright, leaning your back tightly against the back of the chair;
  • do not use the Internet an hour before bedtime, this will help you fall asleep faster and not wake up during a sleep;
  • try not to surf the Internet unnecessarily and set time limits to keep you accountable

And don’t forget to take a walk every day in the fresh air and share your purple smile with those around you! This will cheer up not only you, but everyone around you!