Jun 29, 2020What makes PIVX special and unique in contrast to the other crypto projects?

“We all have an indestructible need to be accepted. But you must trust your own uniqueness. Even if the rest of your beliefs seem stupid or strange. Even if the whole herd bleats, that is nonsense.” John Keating, “Society of Dead Poets”


If I delve into my memory well to recall stories from my childhood that are suitable for this blog, then I would remember the children who seemed strange to most of the other children – they were not part of the community, their actions were different from us – the majority. Therefore, often they became the target for jokes and even mockery because they were not so… they were strange. Strange, but not for everyone. When these children were taken away by their parents, for them they were not strange, but unique. Why? Then I did not know why, although in part I myself was one of those strange. But now I understand why – for every loving parent, their child has always been and will be unique in their own way.

Blockchain technological revolution

10 years have passed since Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin. And during these 10 years, we could observe a lot of incredible discoveries in this area: from privacy technologies to the creation of the first decentralized autonomous organizations, from some kind of stable currencies to decentralized exchanges, and this is only a small part of what has been created in recent years. I can’t even imagine what lies ahead. But if we plunge into the reason why this technological revolution is happening so rapidly, then we will encounter the main reason for all technological discoveries (starting with the very first opening, as they say, wheels) – struggle. The eternal struggle of man:

  • With the simplification of their daily lives (as people say, laziness is the engine of progress)
  • To defend own rights and freedom of speech

And this is good, because thanks to the latest technologies, we can save money, time, and energy in order to focus on more important things. And if, at the same time, our freedom of speech is not limited and there is no risk of losing our right to privacy, is it not worth it?


But let’s wake up for a minute and take a look at the realities. For example, to the bank. Yes, the bank allows you to send payments pretty quickly. Yes, you can pay by credit card almost anywhere. But did you look at the bank and its actions from the other side?

  • The money stored in the bank is essentially not your money. Indeed, in the event of a bank crash, there is a big risk that you will not get your money back.
  • If you run your business, you probably know how much you lose profit on the commissions that your bank sets. And this in some cases can be 1-3%.
  • The bank can easily and without notice cancel your transaction if it considers it as suspicious.
  • Your transaction history is fully visible and this may be the reason for closing your account in any case convenient for the state (Yes, but did you think the banks do not cooperate with the state?).

I’m not talking about the speed of the transaction, the possibility of obtaining passive profits, and so on. Where is the data protection here, where is the freedom of cross-border payments? It is not there.

The uniqueness of cryptocurrencies and PIVX

And now let’s go back to what our blog should essentially be – consider PIVX and ask ourselves a question – is PIVX unique or is the market already full of such projects? Uniqueness is not just big words (Hello Justin Sun). Real uniqueness is not something that first appeared, but essentially no one needs it (Hello CryptoKitties). Uniqueness is what really changes our lives for the better, in a different, hitherto unknown manner, and distinguishes us from others.

1. Decentralization

Realities of other projects

Studying decentralized projects, I came to the conclusion that despite some decentralization, there is an invisible “elite” that directs the further direction of the project. This elite, consisting of just a few people (and often from the main developers) has a great influence on the project. This leads to the fact that newcomers who come with vast experience, energy and desire simply cannot become part of the project. They are not allowed in, as their vision is different from that of the elite. Is this not similar to the centralized system that we observe in banks and states? Everything is decided by the elite in a visible or invisible way.


PIVX is unique as it removes the possibility of creating that very influential elite. You just look at the number of masternodes who have the right to vote for the further development of the project. 1558 masternodes at the time of this writing! With such a huge number of masternodes, it is simply impossible to create an elite. I’m not saying that to create such an elite, you need to find those masternode owners. But how to do this if the masternode IP addresses are hidden by Tor or VPN? For a complete picture, you can simply see live how this decision affected the diversity of the nomination of proposals for voting. In the last cycle, 11 proposals were put forward and voted on. At the same time, several people are working on some proposals, and as many as 15 people are working on a translation proposal!

Unique? Unique!

2. Community

Realities of other projects

Decentralization or its complete absence affects the next point – the project community. As I wrote a little earlier, if the user feels that his role in the project depends on specific people (the same elite), then the initiative to help in further development disappears. And therefore, there is simply no influx of new power that can just bring new, unique ideas to the project. After all, one head is good, but two are always better. As for the old community, which can be called as “oldies”, then here everything is not so smooth with many projects. For almost 2 years, we have observed a bear market in the cryptocurrency market. This led to the fact that the price of cryptocurrency fell and the community fund sagged heavily and did not have the required amount of funding. The community simply lost patience and was not ready to work almost for free for a bright future. We can conclude that this was done for the sake of $, and not for the sake of the project itself and its coin.


A decentralized project becomes unique thanks to its community. And here PIVX is clearly the unique project, because it was contrary to the bear market that PIVX revealed how the project began to play with new colors and in different directions – from technology to marketing activity. I would say that the bull trend has not started yet, but just look at the PIVX future plans! The PIVX community is not just a community, it is a community full of ambitions and ideas that, for their own purposes, will stop at nothing. And on the contrary, having obstacles, they plunge into development and implementation with even greater effort.

3. Technology

Realities of other projects

I don’t want to particularly focus my attention on other projects, since many of them simply copy technologies, claiming that they are unique. Do not pay attention to those projects that seek to earn more money, and not improve our future (which, incidentally, can also bring a lot of money, but in the long run).


The technology is unique and good if it is copied. Just recently, confirmation of this has appeared: the project by everyone known in the crypto industry, Mr. McAfee “Ghost”, planned to copy the old technology created by the PIVX developers. Starting from the specification of the coin, ending with the protocol of confidentiality. But this is more likely a joke.

I will be honest with you – it’s difficult for me to judge to the end about the uniqueness of the technology. No, not because it is not unique in PIVX. You can verify this yourself by examining the PIVX roadmap for 2021. But because time must pass so that it is considered as unique. The technology must be tested and work for a long time, while not having critical failures. I was once again convinced of this by reading an article on how the Chainalysis group can now track transactions with Zcash and Dash, whose work was focused on providing transaction confidentiality.

Personally, my conclusion

Decentralization, community, technology. Perhaps many are looking for projects that are unique, which in the future will bring a lot of money. But studying cryptocurrency projects for quite some time, I realized for myself that the basis of the project’s uniqueness is its community. After all, the community is developers who create new technologies, ambassadors who spread the word about the project, designers who help to focus on its content, and so on. Without a community, there will be no development of the project, without the development of the project there will be no new technologies, without new technologies there will be no coin adoption around the world. And personally, in my opinion, PIVX fits the criterion – a unique project.

Returning to the memories of “strange children” – the vast majority of those children who were not like everyone achieved much more than ordinary “like all” children. And this is not because their parents loved them so much, but because they looked at life from a different perspective.

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