Apr 8, 2019The Future of Cryptocurrency is Eco Friendly

We’re going green for the 5th edition of the PIVX Roundtable Live airing this Thursday, April 11th at 3pm EST | 7pm GMT | 12pm PST.

We’re taking our cue from Earth Month, and celebrating Mother Nature with a thoughtful conversation on how we can do a better job with eco choices as a crypto community. 

How can we teach our P2P peers about the enviro benefits of Proof of Stake? How do we  educate them on the inefficiencies and climate damage of Bitcoin mining? Join us Thursday to find out.

This week, you’ll learn:

  • Shocking stats around Bitcoin energy consumption
  • Bitcoin mining practices and cost of Proof of Work to the environment
  • Alternative solutions for PoW mining at scale including renewable energy sources
  • The environmental advantages of Proof of Stake
  • Get to know other eco-friendly crypto projects
  • How to spread the word about PIVX as an environmentally friendly crypto

Tune in at the beginning for PIVX community news, crypto industry news starting at 3:15pm EST, and our environmental focused programming with live interviews starting at 3:25pm EST.

Live viewers have a chance to win some cold, hard PIV at the beginning and end of the livestream. And as always… if you can’t join us – leave us questions or comments in our PIVX Rountable Form

Thursday’s #PRT (PIVX Roundtable) will air live at 3pm EST / 12pm PST / 7pm GMT on the PIVX youtube channel:

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