ROADMAPS 2020-2021

Leading the way in Proof of Stake & Privacy

Over the past 3 plus years, we’ve provided some fairly robust and aggressive roadmaps.  At times, certain projects move to the back burner, but overall, PIVX has shown incredible innovation and technical expertise and insane execution around the development of our wallet tech and the security of the PIVX network.

We plan to keep pioneering in proof of stake privacy as well as making PIVX an experience all people can enjoy.  This year we will be rolling out a few Roadmaps to highlight our amazing Community, New Privacy Protocol, and Alliance Projects.  

We will be updating it regularly as each project progresses.

Core Wallet

New Privacy Protocol

PIVX will be implementing Sapling Protocol using Groth16 zk-SNARKs zero-knowledge proofs a new privacy protocol that will provide improved privacy, usability, and performance compared to our previous solutions. This is the highest priority item for 2020, and is planned to be released in Q4 of 2020. 

Simply put : This will transcend PIVX privacy to another level where users will be able to securely transfer coins from one address to another without anyone else knowing the source of the coins, how many coins were sent, nor which addresses were involved in sending and receiving.

Improved Tier Two Network Synchronization

More stable, faster, less network bloat, reduced redundancy, and less resource consumption at the tier two masternode IP network layer.

Deterministic Masternode List

A custom implementation of DIP2 and DIP3 to introduce multiple enhancements to the masternode network such as: blockchain derived masternode lists, custom reward address, voting delegations, and more.

P2P Networking Layer Improvements

Change to the network encapsulation code by decoupling it from the validation layer, leading to much better mutex & race conditions management that reduces the network latency by 30%, plus many other improvements.

HD Wallet Support

Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) Wallet feature with custom BIP44 support will enable the wallet to generate a secure seed that is easy to backup, and be used to restore the wallet transactions. BIP44 is a bitcoin improvement proposal that defines a standard method for deriving many keys for different uses from a single master seed in an organized way. Each child key itself can also be used to generate grandchild keys of the master, creating a tree-like structure with multiple generations of child keys.

Simply put : This means that your wallet backups will always include all transactions and balances without deviation from each other.

Faster Network Sync

Speed up the peer synchronization to shorten the blockchain sync time.
Simply put : This will mean less time waiting for the wallet to sync, and less need for reliance on snapshots.

Memory Usage Optimization

This will significantly reduce the overal memory utilization of the core wallet through code optimization of the chain index data.
Simply put : This will mean the PIVX wallet will require less RAM (memory) to run.

Advanced Shared Memory Management

Critical Section utilization will be improved with increased efficiency for lock contention reduction. This will provide better performance during blockchain synchronization.
Simply put : The wallet will perform smoother during synchronization of the blockchain.

Deprecated Code Cleanup

Reduction of bloat by removing unused, non-essential code such as the old accounting system, zerocoin protocol, and ZLNP.
Simply put : Cleaner code means better performance, less developer confusion, and improved future proofing of wallet development.

Improved P2P Network Connectivity

Improved P2P network code for better sockets creation, management, and interaction model between peer nodes. This will supplement the integration of the Dandelion Protocol.
Simply put : This will mean faster, more stable and more reliable connection to other peers in the network.

Dandelion Protocol Integration

Dandelion Protocol provides network privacy by concealing the sender’s IP addresses. Once integrated, node relayed transactions go through a random number of hops in the “stem” phase, and then symmetrically broadcasted to more nodes in the “fluff” phase. Thus, even if an attacker identifies the location of the “fluff” phase, it becomes extremely difficult to discover the original source IP of the “stem” phase.

Simply put : This will enable transaction’s sender IP address privacy, so that your internet connectivity location is hidden from your peers, and be untraceable when you are sending a transaction.

PoS & Proof of Storage Research

Integration of Proof of chain storage into the PIVX PoS consensus mechanism to enforce full node staking, in order to increase the overall network security and decentralization.
Simply put : This will help weed out bad actors in the network to improve the quality of decentralization.

Multi-signature Sporks

Improve the security and decentralization of the sporks through the use of multiple signatories.
Simply put : This will provide better protection of the network against potential internal attack or mistake.

New GUI Improvements

Export CSV

This will add back the ability to export transactional history of the wallet to a CSV file.
Simply put : This function allows users to track and chart the staking / masternode rewards as well as any other transaction history using an external application.

In-Wallet Proposal Creation

This will add a more accessible and user friendly interface in the Qt wallet for the creation of PIVX budget proposals that the community can review and vote on.
This will mean no more creating proposals through the use of complex and error prone command lines.

Enhanced Governance Tab

This will add a new tab that allow users to monitor live proposals, and easily vote on them as a masternode owner from within the QT wallet’s graphic user interface.
Users will no longer have to rely on masternode proposal websites, or use the debug console / command terminal to cast a vote.

Recently Completed

Complete New Wallet UI/UX

A new complete redesign of the core wallet has started and it’s close to being finished, and will feature an astonishing UX/UI design on top of the QT framework for the very first time in crypto. All thanks to Krubit work, led by Furszy and founded by private investors. []

Trezor support for masternode collateral (via SPMT)

SPMT: Secure Pivx Masternode Tool is a software to securely manage multiple PIVX masternodes while keeping the collateral safely stored on a hardware wallet such as the Ledger Nano S. Trezor integration is next.

Cold Staking

A brand new Cold Staking feature is currently being developed with status recently moved to “In Progress” in the Miscellaneous Feature Requests. This new feature will allow another hot node wallet to stake on behalf of the coins owned by a cold wallet.

January 2020 Update: As of January 2020, Cold Staking (PR #955) is now active in mainnet so all users are now able to cold stake their coins if the required steps have been executed. We have created a basic how-to guide here. Also, some non-custodial (thus safe) cold staking services have started popping up so that is another option if you feel comfortable with their service levels.<

Light Nodes/Light Wallets

zPIV Wallet + ZLNP release on Mobile & Desktop Wallets

This brand new light-node protocol developed by PIVX allows the PIVX Android wallet to mint and spend zPIV (zerocoin) directly while the added ZLNP support on the core wallet allows for a full node to opt-in to providing extended network services for the protocol. As it was completed for the previous Zerocoin protocol, development & implementation of this new light node protocol will be revisited once the next generation PIVX privacy protocol is ready.

Multi-sig for Mobile & Desktop Wallets

Allowing a digital signature that makes it possible for two or more users to sign a transaction as a group. Multi-sig support is available on the desktop wallets and is now being developed for the mobile wallet.

Trezor/ledger Integration on Mobile & Desktop Wallets

Integration of Trezor/Ledger support within the mobile and desktop wallets.

Community Roadmap

As some of these are not CODE based the 4 phase system does not apply. We will be keeping you up to date in Discord as to the progress of these great community building projects.


One of the key marketing and adoption programs is via our Ambassadors. A PIVX Ambassador is someone from anywhere around the world that has made the decision to dedicate their time and resources to spread the vision of PIVX and encourage people, merchants, and Investors to invest in PIVX.  They represent PIVX.  We are hoping to reach a goal of 50 Official Ambassadors by 2021.

PIVX Foundation (DAF)

A legal charitable entity built as a foundation to ensure ongoing development and business adoption.

  • Will allow business developers to recognize unique tax breaks
  • Being spearheaded by Snappy under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) fund
  • Will give PIVX a presence in a UN recognized charitable fund

Read the NEWS HERE

PIVX Tutorial Suite

A full suite of tutorials to help new users get the most out of PIVX in an easy way.

  • Tutorial suite being built by UX professional Geoffrey Robertson (
  • Will cover the basics of PIVX usage across mobile, desktop and Apple wallets.

PIVXSports Sponsorship

Building on the great work with sponsorships including UFC champions, Strongman, Surfing, soccer, etc… PIVX will endeavor to sponsor more athletes.

Top Tier Exchanges

PIVX aims to get on more top tier exchanges in 2019 & 2020.

  • Exchange integration will improve liquidity for PIVX and reduce volatility


PIVX plans to be visible at the world’s top tech conferences.

    • including Anarcapulco, Websummit, Consesus and more

Alliance Roadmap

Alliance Payments Protocol

This will allow alliances to repay the PIVX blockchain by supplementing the funds of already passed proposals.
This protocol will also set out the method of burning PIV to disperse the value among all PIVX holders by applying upward price pressure in a transparent way.

Proposal Monitoring Service

This proposal will allow for the recording of proposal results in an immutable place either another blockchain or the PIVX blockchain or preferably both. This will allow alliances to easily quote the time and place of an alliance passing plus prove other decisions have been made and consensus reached.


This proposal will build a marketplace and digital economy on top of the PIVX currency. This will aid in adoption and usage.Vendible’s vision is to be the solution for the future global economy by building an all-encompassing commerce ecosystem. Our payment gateway is the first step towards making our vision a reality.

Masternode Hosting Services Standards

This proposal will standardize masternode hosting services and allow for companies to meet these transparent standards and apply to be awarded an endorsed status by the PIVX blockchain.