Contribute through Staking

All blockchain communities that are decentralized have some sort of rewards system for people who help secure their network. In some systems like Bitcoin, these rewards are given to ‘Miners’, a select subgroup of people who secure the Bitcoin network. In PIVX, anyone who has PIV can help secure the network and is able to receive rewards for their efforts!

As of today there are three distinct groups who all help out PIVX in different ways and are all receiving rewards for those efforts.

PIVX operates using a Proof of Stake security mechanism which means that in order to help secure the network, you must prove you hold PIV.

Staking your PIVX, which has no required minimum, but requires you to keep your wallet active. By staking you are providing an additional node to be available to the PIVX network to validate and confirm the transactions that are occurring on the blockchain. By staking your minimum of 1 PIV, when you are selected to validate a block, you will receive the staking reward as determined by the see-saw algorithm.

To read further on how to setup your wallet for staking, please visit our staking guide.

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