Here are the direct links to pre-compiled wallets for your specific operating system. Don’t see your operating system here? Build from source, or send us a request and we’ll get it added.

Below are links to our Desktop Wallets and further down, the latest mobile wallets who have added us. The official PIVX Mobile wallet is now available for Android! Download from Google Play Store.

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Important information about automatic zPIV minting

Why does PIVX Core Wallet automint zPIV?

PIVX’s Zerocoin Protocol works by automatically “mixing” zPIV of the same denomination together, making zPIV transactions virtually impossible to trace. The PIVX Core Wallet automatically mints 10% of users’ unlocked PIVX balances into zPIV, which ensures there are enough zPIV denominations available to mix and make Zerocoin Protocol effective regardless of manual zPIV minting volume.

To ensure the PIVX network cannot be easily attacked, a 0.01 PIV fee is incurred whenever a zPIV denomination is minted, and from 1 to up to 10 or so denominations may be minted whenever zPIV is auto-minted. All such minting fees are “burned”, or removed from the coin supply, so that the loss of value due to zPIV autominting is offset by the gain in value caused by deflation. It is intended that all wallets of the PIVX network should automint with the exception of exchanges.

Do not delete any wallet.dat files.

Currently, any wallet.dat files where zPIV minting occurred must be retained, or you may lose your zPIV. Hierarchical-Deterministic zPIV wallets are coming soon, after which the loss of wallet.dat files where zPIV minting ocurred will not result in loss of zPIV.

3.1 Wallet Frequently Asked Questions

What is all this? New 3.1 wallet got released today.

What does that mean? If you are running a PIVX desktop wallet right now, you need to upgrade before May 8th if possible.

Do I have to upgrade? Yes. Any wallets older than will NOT be compatible with the wallet’s network starting May 8th. –

Do I need to upgrade my masternodes also? Yes.

What happens if I don’t/can’t upgrade before May 8th? That’s fine. But do not make any coin transfers after that date with your older wallet. Also, you may need to resync from scratch or from an older blockchain snapshot to get back on the right chain when you do eventually upgrade to 3.1.0 (or higher). If you aren’t sure what to do, please ask in #support channel.

Moral of the story. Upgrade ASAP. That includes everyone who runs a PIVX core wallet including masternode owners & stakers. We need as strong network of >= wallets running on the network as we can in order to be able to enable zPIV v2 & zPoS




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Light Desktop Wallets

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