Feb 7, 2019PIVX Sponsors the Javawockies, Youth Robotics Team

The team at PIVX has a strong passion for encouraging young people from all walks of life to get involved in science and technology.

One of our proudest achievements so far is sponsoring the Javawockies youth robotics team. This energetic group of young future scientists and engineers is one of the latest additions to our outreach and sponsorship efforts. Join us as we introduce the Javawockies and how PIVX is helping to shape and develop bright young minds across the world.

Who are the Javawockies?

The Javawockies are a group of teenagers excited about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). Led by a team of mentors, the group builds robots that are entered into competitions run by First Robotics. In these competitions, the competing team’s creations need to complete a set of tasks and are given a score based on their performance. The goal of First Robotics is to encourage interest in scientific and engineering education and other STEM fields.

Chad Ballantyne, one of the marketing leads behind the sponsorship program, sees this as part of the overall grassroots plan to get PIVX adopted into everyday culture.  He told us:

“Sponsorships are a way for PIVX to connect the complex technology behind crypto to everyday life. Tapping into the loyal fan base of influencers, athletes or local clubs, it lowers the barriers to entry and makes cryptocurrency more approachable and realistic.”

The team itself is thrilled to be a part of the PIVX family through this sponsorship. 14-year old Ella Hayward had this to say when asked about the sponsorship:

“For our team, it is such a big deal to have PIVX sponsor us because with this sponsorship we are not only getting money to help fund our hardware, we are also getting supported in many other ways. A couple of examples are that they are helping us remake our brand, as well as sponsoring equipment to help us make promotional videos to get our name out. This sponsorship will be a game changer for our team, as we have always been the underdogs, but now we feel like we have the support and money to push ourselves more than we ever have before, and for that we are excited.”

Eric Stanek, an enthusiastic PIVX supporter that took the lead on this latest collaboration had this to say about the relationship between PIVX and the Javawockies:

“Engineering is the application of scientific knowledge in the real world. First Robotics achieves exactly that for these students. At PIVX, we are engineering a new global currency which is an immense challenge! Ultimately, our success will be built on the people and the community using our technology. Supporting the Javawockies provides both a way to give back and connect with and learn from future PIVians so that we can both succeed.”

You Too Can Contribute

In addition to the direct sponsorship from PIVX, the team has also set up a PIVX address where they can receive donations. These donations will be used to help purchase the components needed to build their robotic creations.

As you would expect, building robots can be an expensive endeavor, so every PIV counts. Some of the items the team is looking for include motors, gearboxes, control modules, wheels, batteries, and so on. The most expensive item the team hopes to purchase is a Solidworks laptop which can run the high demand CAD software necessary to design the robots.

See The Shopping List page for more details.

PIVX Just Keeps Going

As our network and community continue to mature, it seems like each day we are reaching out more and more to the outside world. This is important because these kinds of community efforts not only help support young people like the Javawockies, but it also helps introduce entirely new groups of people into the idea of cryptocurrency.

In our video interview, Javawockies member Ella Hayward admits that before the sponsorship she was unaware of PIVX. However, just by being introduced to us, it has sparked her imagination and encouraged her to learn more about PIVX and cryptocurrency.

We think that it’s steps like this – individuals getting in touch with PIVX and being exposed to the ideas that we represent that will help our mission to be the best privacy coin become a success.