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Sponsored Part Needed Description Qty Cost Total
NEO Motors Brushless Drive motors power the robot drivetrain 8 $55 $440
Spark MAX Motor Controllers for brushless motors 8 $100 $800
Versaplanetary Gearbox Gear reduction for robotic appendages like arms, elevators, intake rollers, etc. 4 $52 $208
Versaplanetary Gear ratio Gear ratios and ring gears to create various gear reductions. 10 $20 $200
775 Pro motors Small brushed motors to power robotic actuators 6 $26 $156
Encoders Grayhill 63R-128 Sensors to control robot motion 4 $91 $364
3CIM Ball Shifter Gearbox Drive train gear box with three stage gearing 2 $305 $610
Pneumatic Control Module Controls and powers pneumatic solenoid switches and compressor. 1 $120 $120
Hex Shaft Axle material for the robot. 2 $25 $50
1/2″ Hex Bearings Bearings for any axles developed for the robot 12 $8 $96
Sprockets and Chain Drive chain to connect all 6 drive wheels and run any elevators, etc. Assorted sizes, #25 chain, master links and half links. $350 $350
Timing Pulleys and Belt Belts and pulleys to move wheels and arms $200 $200
Integrated Encoder Versaplanetary Controls the motion of robot arms, etc. 2 $70 $140
Aluminum Extrusions Various aluminum pieces to build the body and actuators of the robot. Students machine the extrusions to their specified designs. $500
Bumper Fabric Red and Blue material for fabricating robot bumpers $60
Robot Radio Wireless connection to the robot 1 $250 $250
Drive Joystick Driver controls for the robot 1 $60 $60
Main Breaker Main on/off switch for the robot. 1 $52 $52
Wheels For moving quickly over obstacles and the floor 6 $30 $180
Self reseting fuses Control the current flowing through a circuit to prevent fires 10 $8 $80
Power Distribution Panel Electrical breaker panel 1 $300 $300
Batteries For power 2 $80 $160
Drive Station laptop Basic laptop to manipulate the robot during competitions. 1 $750 $750
Programming laptop Basic laptop to be used by the programming team to develop automous and driver controlled code for the robot using Java. 1 $750 $750
Solidworks laptops Advanced graphic laptop to run Solidworks CAD Softward for designing the robot. 1 $1500 $1500
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