Mar 12, 2019PIVX Roundtable 3: Why Privacy Coins Can’t Be Stopped

We’re back for another edition of PIVX Roundtable Live and this week we’ve got some major action in the land of privacy coins that’s causing a lot of stir.

The world went a little crazy last week when France talked about banning privacy coins. So is this the end of privacy coins?

We’re going to discuss what makes blockchains like PIVX unique and, by its very nature, unstoppable. There can be no end to a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) as it’s an infinite community that doesn’t live and die with one particular person or person. There isn’t one team and only one vision. PIVX is a living, breathing organism that shifts and grows.

But do the French know that?

Hell to le no.

So let’s have a little parlez in the PIVX parlour and talk about whatever voulez-vous! 

This week, you’ll learn:

  • The power of a DAO
  • What a DAO means for regulators
  • The position of France’s leaders and government
  • The controversy in the media over this article
  • The truth about privacy coins and why they can’t be stopped 

Tune in this week on YouTube and don’t forget the time change. We’re live at 7pm GMT instead of 8pm and at our usual 3PM EST. 

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