May 26, 2019New Testnet Update for 3.3

Time again for an update on our testing of 3.3 on testnet!

The previously mentioned block height (1106100) has been reached, and zPIV spends are now once again available to anyone who already has testnet zPIV. The process is similar to how zPIV spends have worked in the past, with some minor differences as noted:

  • The option of re-minting any change is now gone (zPIV minting is disabled)
  • The concept of “Security Level” no longer exists (this was actually changed in 3.2)
  • The UI clearly states that zPIV spends are not private right now
  • The previous 7-denomination limit for spends has been greatly increased (637 now)
  • zPIV spend sizes have been reduced in size to ~220 bytes (down from ~21 kilobytes)

For our console users, the spendzerocoin RPC command currently still requires specifying the mintchange boolean (use false), though this is likely to change prior to 3.3’s full release. We encourage all of our users who have testnet zPIV currently to take part in this testing phase by downloading the testnet-only binaries at and spending their zPIV to either themselves, each-other, or into our testnet faucet’s donation address. Users are also encouraged to stake or even setup masternodes during this phase. Feedback is welcome, with general feedback going to our Discord server, and more technical and specific feedback (or any problems) being posted to our github issue tracker.



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