Apr 4, 2019ICYMI – Introducing PIVX

PIVX officially launched as PIVX in January of 2017. We’ve been through Bull runs and Bear mauls.

Through it all, PIVX has stayed consistent with its brand and vision of becoming a common-currency, championing your freedom of privacy, innovating within the blockchain ecosphere, building a strong community and passionately pursuing real-world-use through global adoption.

In the world of cryptocurrency, even a year is a lifetime and so we thought we’d refresh everyone on what and who PIVX is.  If this is your first time experiencing this project, we hope it becomes a lifetime relationship.  If you are an OG PIVian, we hope this little infographic helps you “taste it again, for the first time”, to steal an old Kelloggs commercial.

There is so much to celebrate and a lot to look forward to as we strive to become a top 10 cryptocurrency again, as well as one of the projects innovating within the tech sector while changing the world of wealth management and finance to help the unbanked of the world and make a difference through social causes and sponsorships.

If you have any questions about the tech, the community, the projects – join our Community DISCORD today!