Nov 9, 2018Blockchain Summit Latam and Bogotá Meetup Report

The last October 17 and 18 the ambassadors of PIVX Cacalillos and ONeZetty attended to the Blockchain Summit Latam, at the Casa Dann Carlton Hotel in the city of Bogotá, Colombia.

The objective of the event was to promote the use of Blockchain technology and to know its impact in both the public and private sectors, not only at a regional level but worldwide, for that reason the PIVX community decided that it was a perfect opportunity for PIVX Start their expansion to Latin America.

The event was about the origin of Blockchain, the practical applications of this technology in production environments and its evolution in the countries of Latin America.

Part of the conclusions of the event is that the Blockchain is for the transactions, what the internet has been for the communications. —ONeZetty

One part of the activities of the event was a Blockchain Hackathon, where the winning proposal received a prize of $ 20,000 USD, the acceleration of its project in a three-month plan to implement a PoC (proof of concept), credits for platforms, courses of specialization, among other things.

During the second day, the conferences were aimed at executives, managers, businessmen, government representatives and regulators, all with the intention of showing solutions achieved by Blockchain technology in recent years, as well as the regulations on crypto active substances in several countries of Latin America and real cases of the industry. It is important to highlight that security and privacy are an angular part of the current Blockchain industry.

Additionally, the ambassadors interviewed the CEO and the CTO of Panda. Exchange, a Latin American exchange that PIVX listed a few months ago and they had the opportunity to talk with several of the attendees of the event, get to know their proposals and business ideas and do networking, commenting about the PIVX project, listening to your comments and answering their questions.

It was amazing to know that almost all the attendees knew about PIVX, but they did not know about the advantages of the cryptocurrency, such as zPIV, zPoS or zDEX and they were very interested in knowing more about the competitive advantages, so we have a lot of work to do! —ONeZetty

The day after the event, the PIVX community took the opportunity to hold the first PIVX MeetUp in Colombia, where more than 20 attendees gathered. Our ambassador Cacalillos was in charge of the welcome and give a brief introduction to the ecosystem of PIVX giving to know the most important aspects of PIVX.

There was a great expectation about the meeting. The people were eager to know more about PIVX. For being the first PIVX meeting in Colombia, I think it went very well for us. From there the adoption has been improving. They asked us many questions, the Wallets were installed (official and unofficial ones), some transactions were made. In short, it was a great experience for both the people and for us the ambassadors. —Cacalillos

Finally ONeZetty was in charge of giving a talk about the technical and economic aspects of PIVX, the outstanding advantages of the project, Zetty spoke about the importance of privacy and safety and the philosophy of PIVX, and to explaining to the attendees the concepts Zerocoin, Zerocoin Proof of Stake and the future of the PIVX.

I am very happy to have come, the attendees were very interested in PIVX, not only for its economic potential, one of the pillars of the PIVX project is the security and privacy of the users and in Latin American countries it is a very important issue and it was precisely these characteristics the ones that most liked the attendees. —ONeZetty

PIVX has great potential in Latin America not only is it attractive for investors, but for those who seek value, security and privacy support and passive income generation and that PIVX provides at a very low cost, thanks to our PIVX Ambassadors: Cacalillos (Bogotá, COL) and ONeZetty (Cancún, MX) for the effort, their passion and for sharing the UPF to their communities and beyond. We are very sure this is going to be the beginning of the PIVX expansion in all Latin-America.


Bogotá  Meetup -2018