Hello, I’m Brian the new PIVX Ambassador for Uganda.

After a few months of working with Rhubarbarain in our Discord, we successfully hosted our first meetup at the De nue Paradise in Kanyanya, Uganda on the 29th of February, 2020. 34 attendees managed to turn up and 14 wallets were downloaded and rewarded with 10 PIV each. Most of the audience were business students from Mubs, fx traders and some crypto enthusiasts.


Some of the questions we had during the Meetup:
How do you sell and where to buy PIVX?
What’s the minimum required for staking?
How do you download and use the wallets?
How unique is PIVX from other coins like Bitcoin and other privacy coins?
Are there any merchants in Uganda?

We spent most of the time trying to help them set their wallets. (poor wifi network)

It has been a wonderful moment and experience with the PIVX Ambassador program!

We did testing and a demonstration on how to use the wallets to store, earn rewards and make both payments and receive payments. We shared how they could be their own bank by simply downloading and funding their wallets.

Below are some of the problems and challenges we traditionally face and we see PIVX technology helping to solve.

  • Most people are still unbanked
  • Lack of confidentiality with citizens assets
  • Lack of privacy and security around managing our wealth
  • Government and central restrictions
  • Too much corruption through high taxes
  • High transaction fees incurred through the use of our traditional modes of payment and through mobile money
  • Low waits and high fees for international payments to get completed
  • Crypto scams and Ponzi schemes are prevalent

We see PIVX helping to solve almost all these issues and it’s the reason why we shall continue to educate our community on all the benefits of this cryptocurrency. Considering the country’s economy we came up with real use cases that we could solve using PIVX in the region.

The Meetup audience was very happy receiving their first PIV, how they could earn through staking, how fast it was to send and receive and transaction fees close to zero, with the security using these wallets and the new privacy feature coming for PIVX.

Feedback was to organize and arrange another bigger event for all the universities around so we could meet at large at Makerere University. Most challenging was that students are unaware of how crypto works and many have mostly fallen victims to scams. But this gathering was impressed on how these transactions are done, securely, private and fast.

Great thanks to Ruharbarian for all the marketing knowledge, funding, PIVX content, presentational slides, graphics, and updates from the ecosystem.

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