Mar 26, 2019PIVX PLACES: Real World Adoption

Thursday’s Roundtable will air live at 3pm EST | 12pm PST | 7pm GMT


It’s almost that time again! This Thursday March 28th at 3pm EST | 7pm GMT | 12pm PST we’ve got another edition of the live PIVX Roundtable where we talk with interesting guests and catch you up with what’s happening in the community.

A core part of growing PIVX’s strong community has been the ambassador program that has taken on the challenge of onboarding retailers and merchants to accept PIVX all over the world. In this episode, we’ll hear about the strategy behind the program, meet some of the ambassadors, learn about some of the amazing places that accept PIVX and talk about what we can do to grow the rate of adoption worldwide.

We will be joined by PIVX Ambassadors, owners of shops listed on PIVX Places, and Chad (aka Rhubarbarian on Discord) the Pivian who has spearheaded this entire program. We’d love for community members who have used their PIVX out and about to share their experience in the chat!

Join us live in the YouTube chat this Thursday to see how many Pivians we can gather to talk PIVX Places!

This week, you’ll learn:

  • How many merchants around the world accept PIVX
  • About the origin of the PIVX Places program
  • The role PIVX Ambassadors play in PIVX adoption
  • What it’s like to onboard as a new PIVX merchant
  • How community members can help to grow adoption

And as always… if you can’t join us live, leave us questions or comments in the Roundtable Form

For more information about PIVX Places, visit www.pivxplaces.com