Sep 29, 2018WIN 500 PIV on the PIVX Cruise 2019

Fuzzbawls will be organizing an on-board “traditional” raffle during the PIVX 2019 Cruise.


This is a “no-purchase-necessary” event, meaning that there is no additional buy-in requirement for eligibility. However, it is limited only to those physically attending the aforementioned cruise.

We will be giving away no less than 500 (Five Hundred) PIV to a single, randomly chosen, winner during our on-board conference.


The primary prize is an amount of PIV totaling no less than 500 PIV to 1 (One) winner, selected at random in a “hat-draw” fashion.

Eligibility Details

All cruise attendees, except myself and Pollin Group employees, who have booked passage under the PIVX group sale (Administered by Pollin Group) are eligible for entry on the following basis:

  • Entries are limited to 1 (One) per “household”. Secondary guests of the Primary are not eligible.
  • Guests MUST have booked passage under the PIVX group sale. Late registrants booking directly with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines are excluded.
  • One-Half of a raffle ticket is to be distributed the evening of embarkation at our complimentary cocktail party. Attendance of this first-night event is required to receive such a ticket half.
  • The announcement of the event, the importance of retaining your ticket, as well as the pre-disclosed drawing time/location will be done during distribution of tickets to eligible attendees.

An announcement of the event, the importance of retaining your ticket, as well as the pre-disclosed drawing time/location will be done during the distribution of tickets to eligible attendees.

Drawing Details

The drawing of the winning ticket will take place on-stage during our allotted conference time (Feb 7, 2019, 12:00-15:00 Ship Time) by an impartial 3rd party provided by the Pollin Group, who are excluded from winning. Winner will be chosen via a traditional “hat-draw”, wherein all corresponding halves of entrant tickets are “mixed” in a single vessel.

Claiming Details

The requirements for claiming of the prize are as follows:

  • Winning ticket holder must be in attendance at the time of drawing, and must have their matching ticket half in-hand.
  • Winner to be paid on-the-spot if he or she has a mobile device on-hand capable of receiving PIVX transactions. Note that a paid wi-fi package may be necessary to facilitate this.
  • In the event that the winning ticket holder does NOT have a capable mobile device and/or wi-fi service for said device, a post-cruise alternative payment will be arranged in private.
Supplemental Winners & Extensions

Whilst the details and stipulations of this raffle giveaway are (at current) limited to a single winner for a single sum of PIV, It is NOT outside the scope of eligibility, drawing, nor claiming to have others “piggy-back” off the event. Any such extensions to supplemental winners MUST be accompanied by a formal pre-event (pre-departure) written document of intent and detail.

For more details on the PIVX Cruise registration to be eligible for this giveaway, visit