Jul 28, 2017#PIVXMobiWallet Campaign

Let’s help our friends and family Go Purple, shall we?

Here are the rules for the #PIVXMobiWallet campaign.

  1. Download the Official Wallet from Google Play Store
  2. Find a friend, new to PIVX, to do the same
  3. Take a pic of you & friend showing the wallets
  4. Post that pic to each individual Twitter account
  5. Must include in your posts… @_pivx #pivx #pivxmobiwallet <receive address>

One submission per individual and we need to see 2 distinct posts on 2 different accounts to pay out to both parties.  Feel free to have fun with your picture!  Include something of where you live, etc.

Users can now download the PIVX mobile wallet on the Google Play Store while wallets for other mobile operating systems are currently being worked on.