May 18, 2018PIVX Class Stepping It Up.

Hey there everyone, @FusedHelios here. I have some wonderful news. A few things actually.

First things first, we just added all of our videos to the brand new Facebook channel that you can find here: Plus we also have a new Twitter account Strictly for the channel and updates around it. You can find that here:

On their own, both of these would be cool, but the reason they are happening now, in particular, is because we are beginning to roll out promotion for the channel. As part of our last proposal, we have been squirreling away 100 PIV a month to be used for promotional funding. Well… we have 4 months worth now, you do the math. The channel has always been about being a tool for people brand new to cryptocurrency. While I love you guys watching and commenting on the videos, most of you already know the answers to the questions we bring up. This promotion should go a long way to putting us in front of the right viewer! But, while promotional spending helps a lot, it goes over even better with community support. Do me a favour and be sure to share the videos in the coming weeks.

That’s not all though, I’d also like to announce that we are remaking the original PIVX Basics introductory primer course. The channel has improved a lot since we first started and I think we are ready to make the new and improved PIVX Basics. We have more translation options, a professional sound engineer, better equipment, and I am not as camera shy. All of that makes for a vast improvement. The first remade video will begin in a few weeks and they will be released one per week until the series concludes. I will also be holding onto some of that promotional budget to use just on those videos. They will be some of the most useful to new users, so it only makes sense.

Lastly, the latest PIVX Class is out! I delayed this one a day to make sure all our ducks were lined up with the new social media pages. I talk about the difference between Cryptocurrency coins and tokens as the community at large seems to view it. Research shows some slightly differing opinions, but the key difference for many is whether they run on their own Blockchain or on top of another currency’s chain. Check it out:

Thank you guys for supporting PIVX Class. I hope these latest developments and the current quality standpoint of the channel have made everyone happy. Now that we’ve built a catalogue of videos and set up multiple avenues of discovery, we can push it out to the world. Cross your fingers!