Feb 28, 2019PIVX Roundtable 2: PoW vs. PoS – The Great Debate!

Head’s up purple people!

It’s time to discuss the “Fake Stake Attack” study that rocked the crypto world courtesy of a bunch of dev students at the Decentralized Systems Lab out of the University of Illinois. Our devs dug deep into all PoS protocols, and we’re bringing on @Furszy at 3:05pm EST to talk about leading the PIVX team’s Fake Stake Report release that went live last week. The Dev team created 5 mitigations to combat the potential Fake Stake threats noted in the DSL study.

We invited the team from Decentralized Lab via multiple LinkedIn messages, through their main website, and sent an email to the University of Illinois Assistant Professor who is their official faculty advisor, but have heard no response. We’d love to dig in with them on what they learned about the PoS community through their report and will continue reaching out to try and have them live on the show!

After we explore the Fake Stake Report with our PIVX tech heroes, we’re diving into the never ending debate that inevitably sparked DSL to begin with. At 3:20pm EST, we’ve got a stacked roundtable of special surprised guests from the crypto community to talk Proof of Work vs. Proof of Stake.

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This livestream will cover the following topics:

  • An overview of the Decentralized Systems Lab medium article “Fake Stake Attacks” and the PIVX response
  • Furszy from the Dev team joins us live from Argentina to discuss the Fake Stake Report and mitigations prepared as a result of their investigation
  • How this situation demonstrates the strength of a Proof of Stake community (spotlight on governance driven projects and how PoS creates the perfect environment for that).
  • Special guests join in for a PoW vs. PoS debate. Learn from both sides of the coin!

Join us LIVE to participate in the conversation on chat Thursday’s #PRT (PIVX Roundtable) will air live at 3pm EST / 12pm PST / 8pm GMT on the PIVX youtube channel:  


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