Dec 17, 2017PIVX Has A New Exchange Coordinator!

If you have read this title, you are wondering what happened to me, @Fused_Helios managing Exchange Coordination.

Hello Everyone,

If you have read this title, you are wondering what happened to me, @Fused_Helios managing Exchange Coordination. It is a good question to ask, but don’t fret. I was approached by @s3v3nh4acks and @Eric_Stanek with some exciting news. It turns out that @John M. wanted to come on board with the PIVX team and they had all come to an agreement over the terms. When they approached me with the outcome of that agreement, I agreed that it was an amazing opportunity for PIVX. You can read on for more details, but in short, I will be passing the Exchange Coordinator title and responsibilities to John.

For those who have followed my proposal on this topic, you know that the Exchange Coordinator role took a back seat to the PIVX Class videos. This was never my focus, but PIVX did need an official entity to manage current and new exchange agreements. Since I had some time available for this task and sufficient capabilities to do it, I ended up taking on the role. John, however, is a far more suitable person to this role and will be a great boon to our efforts in getting PIVX listed with additional exchanges. As for the budget money that was allocated to me for this effort, the remainder of my term will be sent to John. 100 PIV a month was set for Exchange Coordination. I performed the roll for one month, so the remaining 200 PIV is being sent to John.

Instead of describing John’s skills to you, I asked him to write up a little intro for you guys, so the remaining text below will be from the man himself. Thanks for your support of my work up until this point guys, I encourage you to show John the same love.

“My name is John M. I’m Canadian and I have been into crypto since about 2012. I have worked for some of the largest crypto exchanges and I have consulted a number of crypto related sites and businesses. My main focus has been regulatory compliance, mostly designing KYC/AML/ATF systems catered to crypto projects, training support teams in the new policy, helping decide what coins would be added to the exchange and heading investigations.

I heard about PIVX and knew I wanted to learn more about it. I have met members of the community, some of the developers and other people who really make PIVX shine. I can honestly say, without any hesitation, that the PIVX team and community are hands down one of the best in the entire space. The knowledge and passion I have witnessed from members of the community are astounding.

I was asked by some of the PIVX team and community to help bring PIVX to the next level by heading exchange integrations. This entails finding new exchanges and services for PIVX as well as maintaining relationships with exchanges and services PIVX is currently listed on. Also, making sure services have their wallets up to date and running smoothly.

I am honoured to have been asked, and I really look forward to working with PIVX. I have had nothing but warm welcomes so far and I wish to thank everybody.

If anyone ever has questions about the status of a current exchange, or see a wallet that needs brought out of maintenance or have a heads up of a new exchange to check out, please feel free to toss me an email to [email protected] , or , find me in the discord room.

Thank you everyone, and I look forward to working with you all to really help PIVX shine.”

John M.