Jul 28, 2017PIVX Launches Mobile Wallet for Android Devices

PIVX – Private Instant Verified Transaction has launched!

PIVX – Private Instant Verified Transaction has launched its mobile wallet for Android devices today. The much-awaited Android mobile wallet for the PIVX network adds a key aspect of adoption to the privacy-centric cryptocurrency expanding its ecosystem. As this will afford its users the ability to carry the privacy-based cryptocurrency with them anywhere.

PIVX fulfills part of its roadmap as it releases the first version of its mobile wallet to the public. As a complement to the desktop version of wallets for the Windows, Mac, Linux and Raspberry operating systems, the mobile wallet has been in development for quite some time. It is aimed at easing the portability issue for the transfer and other use of the anonymous peer-to-peer currency that offers total freedom.

PIVX users on the Android platform would now have easy and quick access to their accounts and be able to monitor their funds in their hands, aligning with the goal of the project to make users their private banks by carrying a fast, secure and fungible currency in their pockets.

The feature list of the PIVX mobile wallet includes:

Security – Use of existing decentralized network nodes, use of checkpoints, PIN app security
Privacy – No account creation required, no identity linking, locally stored private key, one-time encrypted file backup
Lightweight – Does not download full blockchain, so it’s very light on phone’s resources.
Ease of use – Ready to use immediately after install, Address book, QR scanner
Multilingual – Support of language translated XML files
Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) wallet – it only requires a single backup for all addresses.
Easy backup & restore GUI option in-wallet

Users can now download the PIVX mobile wallet on the Google Play Store while wallets for other mobile operating systems are currently being worked on. The PIVX community can also benefit from the #PIVXMobiWallet campaign (starts later today) which rewards users for referring family and friends to the new wallet.

Please keep in mind that this first release is considered beta and will have some minor bugs. Many users have already reported them and will be addressed in the next release. We are also planning for more features to be added as well as IOS support soon. So please go ahead and start receiving and spending PIVX via your mobile today!