Jan 24, 2019Discord Bot takes over the Community – Meet JSKITTY

Over the past 2 years of PIVX officially becoming PIVX, the community leads and volunteers have always tried to create an ethos of inclusivity, friendliness, care and fostering peoples talents, on top of the typical pursuit of being the biggest and baddest crypto tech on the planet.

The tone of our creative, the openness and non-hostile environment pursuit in our Discord and the people serving in support and community spaces have created doors and windows for new people to step in, introduce themselves and step up to their potential in offering their gifts and time to the cause.

One of our OG Community leaders and Global Ambassador, “Snappy” was asked to share a bit more around this topic:

“Boasting the worlds leading privacy proof-of-stake algorithm, PIVX affords individuals peace of mind when conducting transactions and sending wealth digitally, that is lacking in many other cryptocurrencies today. That said, PIVX is beyond private. PIVX is people, a community that has assembled into a DAO, and with that, continues to build simple, engaging, applications and use cases for the PIVX blockchain.

Recently, we’ve had two members of PIVX build out new tech, from cross-platform tipping bots (sending PIVX tips through the twitter medium to discord, Reddit, and back again), to the next versions of decentralized governance models. On top of that, PIVX now streams music live from its community, with various DJs selecting and curating music, all bringing their own personality to what has and can become an otherwise cold and dehumanized blockchain space.

It’s these “little” things, that make the big impact, which is a reflection of the core manifesto principles. Each one is valuable, important, and powerful. Each one also has innate talents. By allowing the freedom for community members to build and play within the community, delivering tech solutions which spur interconnectedness, we are modeling the network effect from within our own community, inviting others to join in.”

Here’s a small intro to one of these amazing souls delivering TECH that CONNECTS!


Lil’ bit about myself

I’m a young British freelancer, been in the crypto-space for over 3 years, originally as a game developer on Unity3D, worked on a game called Forest Siege which had direct crypto-integrations. Could earn and spend coins within the game, sadly now has very very little playerbase. I started working as a Node.js developer in early 2018, building bots on Discord, and grew up from there to learn Desktop-development, web-development and many other forms of services and applications. My focus as a freelancer right now. Is to create a passive-income source that can keep me running, so I can focus purely on development. No need to worry about my bills, just take everything as it comes. Develop for projects I love, and make a living at the same time. Even if I have to live on cheap noodles.

Experience so farrr

I love PIVX. The team, the community, the :upf: vibes. Everybody is giving, chill and respectful. I have not seen ANY other community so active that maintains the same feel for so long~ Other coins and communities just die-down over a couple months and go, poof. This one stays. The PIVX community have donated so much PIV to me in the last week, it has literally beat my monthly earnings from my freelance services.

Exciting future stuffies

I am really stoked about PIVX’s adoption. I think with the upcoming wallet UI upgrades, social media outlets growing, international ambassadors and alliances forming, PIVX could really bring privacy back as a standard for companies and simply anybody in the world who wants to have a reliable, fast, secure and privacy-oriented transaction medium. I hope I can personally get closer with PIVX, merge into the team, contribute to a multitude of PIVX-integrated services and applications, create tools for other developers to develop with PIVX easier (SDKs, APIs, open-source PIVX service/application demos).

To read up on the BOTS so far follow this little guy….