Jul 27, 2020PIVX Releases Next Major Wallet 4.2 Ahead of Schedule

Toronto, Canada, July 27, 2020 – PIVX, a pioneer in Proof of Stake cryptocurrency, is proud to announce the release of its next major core wallet, v4.2.0, well ahead of its planned schedule after a successful release candidate public testing phase

Download 4.2 Here:

More Speed, More Robust, More Stable

This new core wallet release, a non-mandatory update available for all major desktop platforms, includes many improvements and enhancements to improve the end user experience to the next level.

Key Highlights of 4.2 wallet

  • Improved memory management, including attack vector protection
  • New benchmarking framework
  • New label accounting API
  • New command line options for staking
  • Multiple GUI improvements
  • Multiple RPC changes and enhancements
  • Numerous Bitcoin core upgrades 
  • Numerous bug fixes

This new wallet once again signifies the dedication and skills of the PIVX core development team with the inclusion of more than 675 commits since the last major 4.1 wallet release back in May 2020, accumulated over 120 pull requests, merges, and fixed issues. This recent hard work has made PIVX rank in the Top 10 most commits by any major cryptocurrency project in the past 6 months. (ref1)

5.0 Ready

In addition to the significant improvements that this 4.2 wallet includes, the release of this wallet now and not later also has a significant bearing to the accelerated build up of the ultimate development milestone of 2020; the PIVX 5.0 with zk-SNARKs privacy.

“PIVX, since its inception in 2016, has remained a steady, trusted pioneer in the blockchain space.” said Bryan “Snappy” Doreian of the PIVX community. “Respecting the rights of the individual and providing a technology that mirrors those values.  With this announcement and integration, PIVX continues to set the standards of Proof of Stake development.  With Sapling Protocol integration, a user of PIVX will maintain their liberty to exchange PIV privately, while letting him or her be in control of their own financial security and privacy, as well as his/her own regulatory compliance affairs. This is the freedom of choice we all deserve, and PIVX intends to continue to uphold.”

Simply put, the next major wallet planned after 4.2 is 5.0. That’s right. Privacy is coming soon.

For more information on the next privacy solution for PIVX:

PIVX to bring continuous advancements in the future

In addition to the fully custom integration of Sapling protocol with zk-SNARKs that is currently in development and scheduled for release with 5.0, PIVX development has also begun planning out many additional future projects including:

– Spartan/Halo/Supersonic Research (Trustless setup)
– Anonymous light protocol research (Mobile and desktop)
– Anonymous masternodes (Collateral and IP)
– Anonymous voting (Community governance)
– Anonymous staking (zPoS using zk-SNARKs)
– Anonymous network (Dandelion Protocol)

Latest PIVX Roadmap can be found at:

About PIVX

PIVX (Private Instant Verified Transaction)
Founded in 2016
PIVX is a next-generation online digital money.
An open-source cryptocurrency running on a decentralized full-time Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain network.
Innovating Proof of Stake, Governance, and Private transactions.
It’s fast, secure, rewarding, and efficient.




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