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Aug 10, 2021Core Wallet Development Update - August 2021

This latest core dev update covers our recent developments, as well as exciting new core wallet developments and their release targets!

This update covers the PIVX GitHub development since the last dev update, including any extra information provided by the core development team since then.


Recent Wallet Releases

For those that may have missed it or are new to PIVX, here’s a quick overview of our wallet releases in recent months:

On April 27th 2021, we released PIVX Core Desktop Wallet v5.1.0 that includes a whole heap of core improvements such as faster blockchain synchronization, faster reindexing, better recovery mechanism, improved overall performance and stability, and more. (Announcement)

On June 27th 2021, we released PIVX Core Desktop Wallet v5.2.0, which was a mandatory upgrade for all users that included critical security fixes to allow the re-activation of Cold Staking functionality on the PIVX network again. The scheduled hard fork occurred successfully at block block 2,927,000 (July 10th 2021) and all major exchanges have supported the upgrade. As of writing, ALL users must be running this version or v5.2.0.1 to be valid on the long chain. (Announcement)

On July 1st 2021, we released PIVX Core Desktop Wallet v5.2.0.1, which was a minor patch release for those who had issues with masternode activation.If you are running v5.2.0, you do not need to update to this unless you would like that extra fix covered in PR #2402.


Two New Wallets on the Horizon!

We have two major wallet releases currently in development, and one of them is expected to be released as early as this very month!


  • This upcoming update will enable almost everything that is currently in master as well as all the open pull requests in our GitHub that are in our 5.3.0 milestone.
  • That is over 160 new Pull Requests with hundreds of commits in total, that includes some much desired new additions such as in-wallet multi-wallet support, Tor v3 address support, and serialization improvements to name a few. 
  • It may also include (if we can finish it in time) a brand new governance tab that will allow users to view, create, and vote on budget proposals through the GUI, negating the need to resort to the debug console CLI.
  • A full change list will be presented once the release is out along with a dedicated announcement post and press release.
  • This will be a mandatory update as it includes some critical consensus related improvements as well.
  • ETA for this release is Aug 2021 (yes, this month)


  • This major release will be heavily focused on upgrading the tier two masternode network with DMN (DIP3), ChainLocks (DIP8), LLMQ (DIP6 DIP7) budget and MN payments system.
  • The LLMQ work is in-development, and timing will depend on the BLS-signatures work which is currently being studied and verified with the Aggregated Shamir's Secret Sharing Scheme.
  • With it, the network will be able to, via a decentralized multi-party protocol, generate a shared source of randomness (a public random value) in a deterministic manner that can be used to make the PIVX PoS protocol much more secure against 51% attacks and minimize the creation of different chain branches.
  • In a much more layman's term, once above feature is implemented, it means that the PIVX blockchain will become practically impossible to split under any circumstance. Yes, no more forks.
  • Also, this will allow us to enable instant transactions locking, for instant transaction confirmation!
  • Current target for this release is late Dec 2021

We will post more details on each version (and its features) closer to the time of the release.


Full Monthly GitHub Activity Report

For a detailed past 1 month report and full recap of all the work performed by our developers on the PIVX repository, you can visit this page:

For future milestone progress, you can check this page:


Major Development Targets

(subject to change and is never a complete list)

2021 AUG - v5.3 wallet release
2021 DEC - v6.0 wallet release
2022 - Shielded Masternode Rewards
2022 - SHIELD 2.0 (Shielded Proof of Stake)
2022 - Decentralized Stake Pooling
2022 - Mobile wallet SDK
2022 - Trustless Setup via Recursive ZKP Proofs

Please also check our roadmap page for more info on what else is planned.


Want to contribute?

Anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute to our code on GitHub, and they will all go through the same process of multi-dev peer review and will be if it gets enough ACKs! Oh, and if it does get merged, you may also receive a contribution bonus depending on its contribution level!


Language Translation Needed

We also welcome all translators who can assist in making our wallets multi-lingual! PIVX core wallets will include support for languages that are at least 80% translated on Transifex.


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