Sep 19, 2018Blockchain Summit Latam – Bogotá

A conference that seeks to bring the use of Blockchain technology closer to people, explaining the origin, adoption, and potential for Latin America. October 17 & 18

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Blockchain Summit Latam (BSL) is a conference that was launched with the focus of congregate, encouraging and adopt the use of Blockchain technology, and the impact that this will have both at a public and private level in the world. The connection between developers and promoters of Blockchain at a Latin American level with regulators and industry leaders is one of the main objectives of this event.

They will have the participation of more than 25 speakers, from different areas of action such as technical, regulatory, commercial, among others. More than 600 participants will attend this two-day event, where the first is focused on developers and startups, with technical days, ending with a Hackathon For the second, business days and regulation, focused on connecting all the players in this industry in Latin America.

Colombia has a cryptoassets market in development, being one of the leaders in adoption in Latin America. Only in LocalBitcoin were traded more than US$ 45 million during the last year. They also have 10 Bitcoin ATMs. During the last year, important projects based on Blockchain have been implemented, highlighting the voting project in Rafael Bernal School in Bogotá. There is an important role of development in Colombia on Blockchain technology.

I’m convinced that the technology can help to the humanity, but first, we need to humanize the technology first, and that is what PIVX does. So I feel very fortunate to be a PIVX Ambassador, having the opportunity and responsibility to share with my fellow citizens, what I have been learned.

One Zetty

Ambassador - Cancun, PIVX

I believe in the potential blockchain technology has to change the modern societies for the best and being an ambassador is a way to contribute with the adoption of the technology. I enjoy every moment sharing with the local community this tech and believe that LATAM countries can benefit a lot from using it to avoid corruption, banking restrictions, inflation, and other problems with their current monetary systems in the future. Of course, PIVX has a long way to go to be trusted and used every day, this is the hardest task for PIVX growing community but one I believe we can achieve by creating real-world uses, reaching more countries with the UPF and developing projects with the help of the voting system.


Ambassador - Venesuela, PIVX