Jan 22, 2019We Want YOU… to Join the PIVX Team! PIVX Prose #2

Welcome to this week’s edition of PIVX Prose!

Today we’re talking about something that is very exciting and could help benefit and change your life personally. As a writer for many crypto news sites, I often get emails and messages from people asking how they can get into cryptocurrency work, such as by being a writer themselves.

The good news is that even though asset prices have seen a downward trend for the last year, the space is still growing and there is tons of opportunity for those who want to join. Not only that, but our very own PIVX has a fluid and constantly evolving team. As such, almost anyone with a useful skill can potentially join our growing family – and can even earn some PIV for doing it.

Join us as we go over some of the ways that you can join our family, or as we say it, come join us at the table.

No Bosses, No CEO, No Office

Sometimes PIVX can seem like a monolith. That being, it can appear from the outside that we are no different than any other corporation. We have leaders, we have a brand, and we have a (mostly) unified voice declaring who we are, what we stand for, and our adherence to our principles of privacy and freedom.

But the truth is PIVX is in many ways a true DAO – decentralized autonomous organization. This means that we have no central leadership. There is no ruler of PIVX that makes all the decisions for us. Instead, PIVX is guided and made up entirely by its members. PIVX members are individuals that have something to offer, be it a particular skill, a useful talent, or just their free time. Some of these members are volunteers, and others are compensated for their time by the organization.

The fantastic thing about this situation is that with PIVX, it’s entirely possible for someone to come in from the outside, not knowing anyone, start taking on responsibilities and accomplishing tasks, and then quite literally create a paid position for themselves within the group. Could you imagine if that were possible that any other big corporation? What would happen if you just showed up at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond Washington and just started sweeping the floors? Could you eventually give yourself a proper job title and salary without the approval of one person in a position of authority? Of course not. That’s because traditional companies are incredibly hierarchical and centralized – the exact opposite of what we are.

By joining PIVX, you not only stand a chance to get paid for your work, but you can also build your resume and experience set in the world of cryptocurrency. This could be invaluable to your future career development, the growth of your professional network, and any number of other things. And with PIVX, it’s not just possible, it’s something almost anyone can do if they put in the time and effort.

So without further ado, let’s go over a few of the ways that you can join PIVX today.

Community Support

Like all organizations, we get hundreds of inquiries each day about all sorts of questions regarding PIVX. These can range from tech support issues to complex queries into our underlying philosophy. But who answers these questions?

A community support member is someone who has taken the time to understand PIVX deeply. This could come in the form of technical expertise, such as how our wallets, masternode software, and their interactions with exchanges work. It could also come from a user experience angle, answering questions like how to send and receive PIVX, how does staking work, how much could somebody earn with staking, why should they choose PIVX over another cryptocurrency, and so on.

If you have a deep understanding of PIVX or want to develop one, you can start today by joining our Discord server or Telegram group. Introduce yourself to everyone and let us know your goal. If your goal is to help people understand PIVX, then you will quickly find yourself amongst friends. Once you’ve established yourself as a knowledgeable and friendly support provider, you will soon be recognized as an official part of the team.

Software Developer and Cryptography Expert

It’s been said that there is a critical shortage of programmers and blockchain experts. This is likely true due to the sheer demand from both crypto projects and major corporations that want to get involved in blockchain. If you are just beginning your path towards becoming a computer science or cryptography expert, then you may want to think about joining the PIVX team.

Unlike the countless other crypto projects that do nothing besides clone others’ code and slap on a new name tag, the PIVX development team is always on the forefront of blockchain and cryptography technology. We have dozens of industry firsts, such as being the first proof-of-stake coin to use masternodes.

As a member of the PIVX development team, you will find yourself nestled amongst some of the world’s most advanced blockchain developers. As your mentors, they can help guide you towards incredible feats of technology that could fundamentally change the way we think about blockchains, privacy, and freedom.

Interested in becoming a PIVX developer? Join us on our Discord and reach out to our development team there. Let them know who you are, what your skill set is now, and where you want to be in the next few years concerning your professional development. Our developers have professional industry contacts all over the world and can not only help you grow within PIVX, but perhaps in other places, too.

PR, Communications, and Writing

Are you a media expert, or want to be one? Do you have a way with words? Do you slice through video editing like a hot knife through butter? Do you find yourself enthralled at the thought of being able to communicate with tens of thousands of people on a moments notice who will analyze and reanalyze your every word? Or are you perhaps looking to develop a career in writing, public relations, or media?

The PR and communications team at PIVX covers all of our marketing and communications strategies. We give PIVX a voice and help bring others into the PIVX family. Our job is to make PIVX the most friendly and welcoming cryptocurrency project out there.

Some of our efforts include writing articles (just like this one), creating video content, graphic design, advertising, sponsoring events, and so on.

Interested in joining our team? Join our Discord and send me (@optical88) a message. I’ll be happy to get you moving in the right direction.

Translations and International Communication

PIVX is proud to be a highly global project that communicates with people across the world in their native languages. Each week, PIVX communications are translated into dozens of world languages. Our dedicated team of translators carefully pours over our content and uses their unique style to present it to individuals that reside in all corners of the globe.

At PIVX, we aren’t restricting our communications to just English. If you speak any additional language, join us on our Discord server and let us know so that you can join our team. Translators are paid regularly for their work by our head of translations, Hanna.

Joining our team of translators could help you develop a career in translation and cross-cultural communication. It’s an excellent way for those new to the field of translation to get some real professional experience without needing to take on a full-time job as a translator. For those already experienced in translating, working with PIVX can be a great way to get some additional income with a part-time, work-from-home job.

We have a lot of content that needs to be translated, so even if you speak a common second language, there is a good chance that we need more people like you to help.

Make Your Own Job

Remember how I said earlier that with PIVX, it’s possible to create your own job? Well, I meant it! One of the amazing things about working for an organization like ours is that it is entirely possible to find a spot in our group that needs attention, demonstrate that you can do it, and then apply for it through our decentralized governance process.

Here’s a quick overview of how this might work. Let’s say for example that by interacting with the community, you discovered that you offer a highly useful skill or talent that could benefit us. Just for fun, let’s say that your skill is underwater basket weaving.

As an underwater basket weaver, you start out by introducing yourself on our Discord server and letting us know that you have this important and useful skill that could benefit the project. At this point, you want to start by demonstrating to us that not only would this be useful for us, but that you are good at it. This could mean producing a few samples or by volunteering for a short time.

Once you’ve shown the community your dedication to PIVX and your ability to weave baskets while underwater, you can submit a proposal for funding. In it, you’ll need to explain briefly who you are, what your skill is, and why it’s beneficial to us. Then you can ask for a monthly salary in PIVX and submit your proposal for voting. At this point, masternode owners (those who are heavily invested in the community and want to see it succeed) will vote on your proposal. This part may seem a little scary, but rest assured that if your proposal is legitimate, you will most likely get approved.

Once your proposal has passed, congratulations, you’re now a member of the PIVX team and are receiving a regular cryptocurrency salary from the network! Depending on your skill, you may or may not have another member overseeing your work and guiding you.

In my case, I joined PIVX as a writer who falls under the marketing and communications component of our governance. As such, my efforts are guided by one of our most respected members, Chad Ballantyne who leads our marketing team. If your underwater basket weaving skill falls under another major arm of our governance that’s already established, then most likely you will have the leaders of that group to help you grow and understand the way they operate.

But if your skill or talent is so unique that it doesn’t fall under any existing body of governance, then you could find yourself at the helm of an entirely new branch of PIVX. In that case, the only person overseeing your work is you, and the masternode owners who will vote for you on your next funding proposal. You can almost think of it like being an elected official. If you do a good job, then the community will reelect you for your continued efforts. But of course, if you perform poorly or don’t meet your promised goals, then it’s likely you will not be reelected. That’s why it’s important to only make promises that you know you can keep.

Come to the Table

PIVX has always been about our community. We want to grow and support each other in ways that help both the network and the community evolve and become better over time.

Our group of members that supports PIVX constantly shifts and changes. People come, and people go as their life circumstances change – just like at any other organization. As such, we’re always looking for new people who have useful talents and skills to join us.

You can join us as a volunteer, as a member of the team that gets paid from a team leader, or you can create your own position and get funded by the network directly. No matter which path you choose, just remember that we are in this together, and we want to see each other succeed.

What do you think? If you’re a PIVX member now, how has your experience been? If you are thinking about joining, what kind of skill would you like to share with us? Leave your comments below, on our Twitter or our sub-Reddit.

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