Community Update Feb 2021

Feb 17, 2021Updates to the PIVX website including new proposals dashboard

3 additional features and pages on the PIVX website that are super useful for all!

Many of you are aware that the PIVX website had a major overhaul this past year bringing the brand and online presence for PIVX into the future.  On top of all this, the community as a whole felt the website upgrade was essential to adequately present the monumental, perhaps most important blockchain development of the year, to the world. 

With the successful mainnet launch of SHIELD, PIVX pushed cryptography and blockchains even further ahead, bringing zk-SNARKs sapling to the Proof of Stake ecosystem.

Today, we’re excited to unveil 3 additional features and pages on the PIVX website that are super useful:


    This is a step-by-step guide for how to tip (or share) PIV to others, along with an encrypted/private memo! Want to support someone privately? Direct them here to learn how they can receive tips with encrypted memos.


    This new page is the start of a brand new governance/proposal dashboard interface. Currently, you’ll be able to see past, present, and future (next round) proposals, payouts, and breakdowns of amounts being requested.


    Ok, while this might not be the most exciting of all pages, it’s a very useful page for anyone to quickly glance at to understand the architecture and details about the PIVX coin.


Bryan Doreian


Serial entrepreneur and blockchain advisor (circa 2012). Founder of Wysebridge, elev3n & Vendible. Currently splits his time building infrastructure for humanity while stewarding a tiny homestead with his family in eastern Pennsylvania.