Jul 2, 2018Secure PIVX Masternode Tool (SPMT) Available Now!

Are you a PIVX Masternode owner? Or interested in becoming one?

You can now use our Secure PIVX Masternode Tool (SPMT) to securely manage multiple PIVX masternodes while keeping the collateral safely stored on Ledger Nano S hardware wallets.

Main Features of SPMT

  • Create / Update / Delete masternodes configurations (automatically setting keys and retrieving collateral TXs)
  • Check a masternode status and have a projection of its position in queue.
  • Send the ‘START’ message to the network to activate masternodes
  • Spend masternodes rewards selecting single UTXOs (with or without including the collateral)
  • Bulk-spend all masternodes rewards with a single click
  • Governance: retrieve informations about proposals and have a budget projection overview of the current cycle
  • Governance: cast votes on proposals (with or without adding a random time offset to enhance privacy)

All information can be found on our GitHub by clicking here. It includes a detailed readme explaining all the steps from setting it up, checking the status, spending Masternode rewards and more.

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