Jul 12, 2018PIVXsports – Tarnea O’Meara

At PIVX, our mission has always been to ‘be better’, strive for greatness and support our community along the way.


While our aim is to be the most advanced privacy cryptocurrency available, we are committed to equipping others with the possibility to aim higher and reach their own goals. 

That is why we’ve started a movement through @PIVXSports, whereby PIVX sponsors unique athletes from around the world, trying to be the best in their sport and make a difference through their lives.

“Combining PIVX with people’s passion for sports is a win, win,” says Chad Ballantyne, a PIVX Community Leader. “It lowers the barrier to entry by connecting something complex and new like cryptocurrency to something comfortable that people already trust like an athlete or their favorite sports. And sponsorship provides otherwise unknown athletes with a chance to improve, travel and continue to pursue what they love while broadening their fan base.”

One such athlete who has developed a cohesive sponsor relationship with PIVX is Australian Women’s Qualifying Series surfer, Tarnea O’Meara.

PIVX has sponsored Tarnea since October 2017 which has allowed her to travel and compete at high-level surf competitions such as the Women’s Qualifier Series, in between study sessions at University for Nutritional Science.

“I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the PIVX team honestly,” said Tarnea, “I do work, I study, I train – and in order to do all that, I need a team behind me. You guys are a part of that and I can’t thank you enough. I’m achieving more than just my dreams. I get to travel the world, visit new places and meet new people.”

Efforts like @PIVXsports help to connect the PIVX brand to everyday life, and can make it seem more approachable. It can also show the human side to PIVX technology by promoting our ‘give back’ vision and watching how PIVX help others accomplish their dreams.

The goal with @PIVXSports is not to single out and sponsor only the biggest and the best, but to lift up those who have great stories to share and can help demonstrate how PIVX support is helping them, their teammates and lifting up their sport in their own community.

For more details on our PIVX sponsorships visit PIVX.org/sponsorships

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