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Jun 8, 2021PIVX's developers keep pushing the updates, adding support for Tor's v3.0 addressing

Our Dev Team keeps pushing to the goal...

The best part of cryptocurrency projects such as PIVX is the speed of innovation, the adoption of said innovation, and the development team(s) that make it happen. The PIVX team is excited to share that our Core Developer Furszy just helped push PIVX to that next level.

In a recent Pull Request on Github, Furszy submitted a whopping 170 commits (think of them as updates to files to our open-source code). Within that was an item called BIP155. The “BIP” stands for Bitcoin Improvement Proposals, and number 155, in short, will allow the up and coming release of PIVX 6.0 to support the newest generation of Tor 3.0 Onion addresses fully.

The compressed version of what this means: Tor’s current addressing scheme isn’t compatible with IPv6, and this implementation will ensure it’s working correctly. It will further ensure PIVX is keeping in line with privacy protocols to keep our users safe.  

If you’re looking for a great explanation of what the Tor 3.0 addresses are, here’s a great answer. If you’re looking for a more technical explanation of what the Tor v3 support (BIP155) means to PIVX, check the Pull Request here:


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