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Mar 19, 2021PIVX Core Wallet v5.1.0 RC2 Release Public Testing Phase

PIVX Core Wallet v5.1.0 RC2 has been released for public testing!

This pre-final v5.1.0 release candidate includes:

- Faster blockchain synchronization
- Faster GUI and overall responsiveness
- Improved chain-state corruption recovery
- Improved core performance and stability
- Many bug fixes

Notable Highlight

- Users with a large high-transaction count wallet should see significantly faster synchronization speed and lower resource utilization than with previous releases.

We encourage all to try out this new wallet either in testnet or mainnet and provide feedback in the PIVX Discord's #pivx_development channel.

v5.1.0 RC2 binaries are available for download from:

  1. Will v5.1.0 a mandatory update / hard fork? 
    No. But we recommend ALL core wallet users to upgrade once the final version is released.
  2. Does the masternode need to be restarted after upgrading to v5.1.0? 
  3. Can I upgrade my current wallet / run the RC version on mainnet?
    Yes. But as usual, backup your wallet beforehand just in case.


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