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Dec 21, 2021PIVX v5.4.0 Core wallet has been released!

The brand new decentralized governance graphic user interface is finally ready! Now you will be able to watch and follow proposals live, create and vote for them using simple three steps wizards and much more!

PIVX v5.4.0 Core wallet has been published and is available for download!
It’s a non-mandatory, but highly recommended Core wallet update that includes the brand new, fully featured, decentralized governance graphic user interface! as well as many bug fixes, increased tests coverage and important corrections on the tier two network overall stability and synchronization processes.
Feel welcome to update your nodes! Start using all the new governance functionalities and the overall stability improvements!
v5.4.0 binaries can be downloaded at https://pivx.org/downloads

The Notable Changes are:

Graphical User Interface

  1. Brand new decentralized governance graphic user interface! Styled for both themes, light and dark!
 Now you will be able to:
    • Watch and follow active proposals live!
    • Create new proposal using a very simple 3 steps wizard! (The wallet automatically creates the transaction and relay the proposal to the network without any further interaction).
    • Presenting how many blocks left for the next superblock, the allocated and the available amounts.
    • Vote for your favorite proposals (or the ones that you dislike) with a multi-masternode voting wizard!
    • Change proposal votes on-demand. * Filter proposals by status, votes count and more!
    • Masternode rewards have been included into the dashboard chart!
  2. New address search option in cold-staking screen.
  3. More precise after-fee calculation.
  4. Startup screen presenting needed disk space per-network.
  5. Fix "null" name for wallet automatic backups.
  6. The bug during the restart process that blocked the wallet for be re-opened has been fixed.

Tier Two Network

  1. Several synchronization problems that were causing network split situations corrected.
  2. Improvements over the p2p messages sync process, avoiding extra roundtrips. Decreasing, for example, the initial MN winners sync phase from +130,000 messages to ~60,000 messages.
  3. Overall stability enhancements and lot more can be found at https://github.com/PIVX-Project/PIVX/pull/2659


  1. Shield addresses support for getnewaddress, setlabel and getaddressbylabel commands.
  2. pivx-cli better error handling


  1. Improved transaction inputs selection, preferring coins that have fewer ancestors (preventing long mempool chains).
  2. Much faster sapling transactions processing during block reception (faster synchronization for large wallets).

The complete list of changes and improvements are publicly available on the release notes.

Further PR descriptions can be found at the v5.4 milestone.


furszy PIVX core developer