May 7, 2020PIVX v4.1.0 Wallet is Live

After more than 3 months of hard work from the Development Team, v4.1 is finally released.

Long-awaited PIVX v4.1.0 Wallet is finally here!

It is a non-mandatory upgrade, but it is highly recommended. Version 4.1 includes 6 items listed from the PIVX 2020/2021 Roadmap, and it’s a huge step towards 5.0 that is coming later this year.

Here are some key features that are coming with this huge 4.1 wallet release:

  1. Up to 60% less RAM usage
  2. Almost twice faster blockchain synchronization speed
  3. Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) Wallet Support
  4. A whole array of GUI improvements
  5. CSV file export
  6. More complete language translations

Other notable changes introduced in 4.1:

  • Starting from 4.1 wallet version, 32-bit binaries will no longer be shipped, although self-compilers can still build it
  • Languages that are not translated above the 80% threshold won’t be included
  • The MultiSend wallet feature has been disabled until it is re-coded and updated
  • Unlock dialogs are being presented directly when needed, so there is no need to fully unlock the wallet prior to making actions that require an unlocked wallet
  • Stake-split threshold is no longer required to be an integer, and the default value has been lowered from 2000 PIV to 500 PIV
  • Automatic zPIV backup has been disabled

It can be downloaded from the wallet page or directly from PIVX GitHub.
Please ensure to read through the release notes for further details.

Furthermore, if you find any bugs, please report them using the issue tracker at Github https://github.com/PIVX-Project/PIVX/issues or let us know in any of our official social platforms.

There will be a new Development Update from Jakiman published soon that covers more on the new wallet as well as some other new developments.