Dec 13, 2019PIVX to Release the Most Advanced QT Crypto Wallet on 12/18

The technology that powers practically every core wallet today provides an “acceptable” level of functionality. We think it’s time for a revolution.

Enforcement Countdown!

And so, after 11+ months of creative design, intense development, and rigorous testing, the PIVX Community and Development Team are now ready to release v4.0, the most advanced and feature packed QT Core Wallet in the cryptoverse!

RELEASE DATE: Wednesday, December 18, 2019 at 21:00 GMT
ENFORCEMENT: Block 2,153,200 (~Jan 6 2020) (Meaning, it’s a MUST UPDATE!)

After the new protocol enforcement block, new PoS consensus & tech features will be enabled!
(Links to binaries and release notes will be posted once they have been published on GitHub.)

Next Generation PIVX Wallet

PIVX v4.0.0 introduces a completely new Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the wallet, designed and coded from the ground up by the Krubit team.

The new GUI, aside from the <huge> overall design overhaul / implementation, includes new user-focused improvements and features such as a brief introduction on first load, dark and light themes, staking charts with filters, new user friendly Masternode wizard, cold staking page, FAQ page, quick access Icon-based top menu bar, in-wallet settings page, and one-click QR code receiving addresses just to name a few!

You can read more details about this extensive work at PR #954.

Equally important, this release has some incredible new tech advancements and implementations including the new PoS Time protocol, Cold Staking, new Masternodes Signed messages, smaller v7 blocks, and v4 zerocoin public spends, as well as many additional core and network improvements!

Stay tuned for more news and mark your calendars for the 18th when links to release notes and wallet downloads will be delivered!

For those with the knowledge to pre-compile, core Development Team is aiming to have v4.0.0 tagged on the 15th.

Welcome to the new, friendlier PIVX experience

We believe that one of the most significant barriers to mass crypto adoption is that it is just too difficult to get started with. The software behind most core and multi-currency wallets is clunky and full of jargon, it takes too long to understand how to interact with crypto networks, and the visual and graphical elements of practically all core wallets are just plain ugly and uninviting.

In the new core wallet version 4.0, the entire experience has been redesigned so that each action a user wishes to take can be done so in a logical and intuitive way. The visual elements have also been upgraded and reworked to reflect the needs of our constantly growing user base. For new users, the software provides built-in support and help features that provide guidance on how to complete a multitude of tasks such as how to get started staking.

We are proud to release a completely redesigned and re-engineered core wallet. We are no longer satisfied with making tweaks and adjustments to software that is getting close to being a decade old. This is unique code, no fork or copy and something truly innovative and transformative.