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Aug 14, 2020PIVX Development Update – Week 2, August 2020

This update covers the PIVX GitHub development for the beginning of July 2020 through to the second week of August 2020 in addition to any extra announcements or news provided by the core development team.

Editor Note:

So much development is happening in such a short period of time that it’s very difficult to keep up!

We are just very lucky to have such dedicated and skilled developers in PIVX making this project a stand out in this super crowded cryptocurrency space.

New Desktop wallet 4.2 is out!

Starting off Q3 with a bang, PIVX v4.2.0 core desktop wallet was released just last month! It includes a lot of core improvements under the hood.

For those running 4.1.1 currently, it’s not mandatory to update to 4.2.0. However, upgrading to the latest version is always recommended.

More Info:
PIVX Releases Next Major Wallet 4.2 Ahead of Schedule

Sapling Integration Code has been revealed!

As if 4.2 release wasn’t big enough news already, core developer furszy has shocked the community this week by publishing the main Sapling protocol integration code for PIVX on github for public review!

After over 10 months of research, coding, and testing, the Zcash protocol specification was customized and structurally improved to run on top of the PIVX unique network. The end result? This PIVX-unique adaptation code is working already on regtest (private network) with zk-SNARKs shielded transactions to boot!

Editor note: Afaik, PIVX is the first non-Zcash fork integrating Sapling like this, and the first pure Proof of Stake coin to do it also. So this is an incredible feat to be able to publish this work this early. It also means that PIVX Privacy is really happening. So get ready to transfer and receive PIVX with full transaction privacy soon!

More Info:
PIVX Privacy Update – Sapling Integration is Out!

Related PRs:

4.2.1 is also in the works!

Our development team just doesn’t stop! It looks like we will have another solid wallet release sometime this quarter that will include a whole host of additional Bitcoin backports, numerous bug fixes, and minor enhancements. It will also address the recently reported random lock up issue that some may have experienced.

Basically, we will end up with a much more stable release soon that will become the foundation for 5.0 that’s coming later in the year.

So keep a look out for the release news of the 4.2.1 wallet as it’s not far away!

Other Recent Development Highlights / Reminders

PIVX Core Wallet – Mandatory Update

If you are currently running 4.1.0 or older, you must upgrade to 4.1.1 or 4.2.0 NOW and then make sure that you are on the right chain by comparing your latest block / hash to the block explorers as 4.1.0 or older wallet is no longer valid on the current network. If you need further assistance on this matter, please join our discord!

Do you have zPIV? Spend them ASAP!

PublicCoinSpend v4 (PR #936) function has been incorporated into the 4.x wallet since January 2020. So it is now possible for anyone with any version of zPIV to spend them back as PIV. However, as per the recent Road to 5.0 announcement, the support for zPIV will cease once 5.0 is released. 

So we urge everyone with zPIV to convert them back to PIV ASAP and request assistance in PIVX Discord #support channel if you run into any issues or simply have questions.

Complete GitHub Activity

(August 9, 2020 – August 9, 2020)

2 Releases published

49 Pull requests merged

10 Pull requests opened

19 Issues closed

 2 Issues opened

Major Development Target Dates

(subject to change and is never a complete list)

Q3 2020 – PIVX Core Wallet 4.2.1 release
Q4 2020 – PIVX Core Wallet 5.0 testnet
Q4 2020 – PIVX Core Wallet 5.0 GA release

Please also check our roadmap page for more info on what else is planned.

Also, there are many other 2020 developments in the works at a project level such as a brand new website, logo refresh, and more. So 2020 is going to be a great year!

Want to contribute?

Anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute to our code on GitHub, and they will all go through the same process of multi-dev peer review and will be merged if it gets enough ACKs!

Language Translation Needed

We also welcome all translators who can assist in making our wallets multi-lingual! From now on, our core wallets will only include support for languages that are at least 80% translated on Transifex. So any extra assistance in this area would be greatly appreciated!


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