Dec 12, 2017PIVX Class Is Live!

Fused Helios here and I’ve got great news.

Hey guys,

The first episode of PIVX Class’ first educational series is up and already has subtitles in NINE languages! Hanna and her team put in some real effort getting those translations in, in record time.

The first series is an introduction to PIVX, aimed directly at someone with no knowledge of Cryptocurrency. When you need to explain how Blockchain, Proof of Stake, zPIV, how to buy, and why it all matters for the 85th time. You can instead, point them to the PIVX Class YouTube channel for the introductory spiel.

After this intro to PIVX series wraps up. We will be releasing a video each week addressing all sorts of topics in greater detail. From simple walkthroughs to smart contracts. This will be a channel for a new entrant to learn about all things crypto.

Thanks for reading guys and I’ll see you in class!