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Oct 24, 2020PIVX and SENTINEL.CO Alliance Announcement

PIVX and SENTINEL.CO officially entered an alliance, formalizing the partnership between these two leading and pioneering blockchain projects in the security and privacy sector.

On October 14th, 2020, the PIVX Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) successfully voted for and approved the formal alliance agreement between PIVX and Sentinel. As with all alliances, this is a 12 month formal engagement between the projects and communities to begin to foster both inter-community support as well as explore technical integrations between the projects.

Sentinel Network is a network layer that enables a true p2p and decentralized applications and resources marketplace. Sentinel enables anyone to create Public and Private networks that provide access to both free and incentivized, and also payment method agnostic (pre-paid/escrow/post-paid) services (dApps) & distributed resources, enabling its clients to become both producers and consumers in the network.

Sentinel is further supported by Exidio, which is the corporate entity that is making massive waves in facilitating the global adoption of Sentinel's services.

The overall goal is to foster a working relationship between these two projects (overlapping in the privacy realms).  Starting with the human layer first (cross-promotion of projects via social media, and other platforms) to increase both PIVX and SENT visibility.  This will increase awareness of both projects inside of their respective communities, as well as demonstrate outwardly the mutual support of the projects for each other.  The next layer of the alliance goal is to explore PIVX using/white labeling SENT’s dVPN and a possible PIVX bridge for the dVPN, and work has already begun pertaining to this.

We're thrilled to align these two communities and projects and look forward to the next 12 months of this alliance.

For more information, please join the PIVX discord and search the #sent_alliance channel!

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Bryan Doreian


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