Sep 12, 2020PIVX 4.3 RC1 Core Wallet Released

PIVX v4.3.0 RC1 core wallet has been released, and wallet binaries are now available for download.

This 1st release candidate for 4.3.x is a non-mandatory (from 4.1.1 or 4.2.x) pre-final release, that includes significant core and network upgrades to make it sync much faster, use less resources, be more stable, while also squashing many bugs.

Instead of releasing a minor 4.2.1 update, the core development team has decided that it was best to skip that and go straight to a major in-family 4.3 release in order to reduce the number of releases.

We encourage all users to try it out and report any issues encountered with this build on our GitHub or on Discord #pivx_testnet channel.

Final build is scheduled for release in about 2 weeks pending community feedback.