Sep 26, 2017Did you Know: PIVX had NO ICO and is 100% Self Funded?

Did you know that PIVX has a fully operational self-funding decentralized treasury system?

Unlike the majority of current projects in the crypto space where millions of coins are pre-mined and then offered for sale to help fund the future project, PIVX was built, developed, 100% from self-funding. NO ICO.

How it works is that up to 10% of the block rewards over a 30 day period are available to fund projects and proposals (5 PIV per block.) This works out to a maximum allotment of 21.6k PIV that are available to be used and distributed through PIVX’s proposal and voting system; which is done in a decentralized manner through masternodes.

Only the PIV allocated to proposals that are submitted and voted on that pass the voting process are created and distributed. The remaining balance does NOT roll over to the next period. Those coins are not even created.

How’s that for a community-centric project, where anyone can submit a proposal, vote, and help fund projects that support PIVX itself?