Nov 27, 2017Cancún, Mexico is going Purple!

On the 23rd of November 2017, in Cancún, Mexico our colleague Guillermo (OneZetty), gathered a group of people to talk to them about PIVX with the goal of spreading the word about the growing PIVX community in Mexico and the World.

About 30 people gathered in a special venue in Cancún ready to learn more about the “Purple Fever” in the world of the crypto coins.

Most of the attendees had heard about PIVX before, so this wasn’t new for everybody, but thanks to OneZetty , lots of doubts were solved about investing and using PIVX. Questions: Does PIVX has a private special wallet? When was created and how it has been growing in the market? Why trust PIVX? And all answered by OneZetty from his research and knowledge and his study of the PIVX manifesto.

They learned the basics about PIVX to all the benefits of investing and using the special PIVX Wallet, and even how to keep and maintain your investments, were just a few of the topics OneZetty addressed during this meeting. As well as how PIVX is a coin that grants privacy to all the users, double block validation for user protection and almost instantaneous transactions to the users.

After the very first PIVX meeting in Cancun, all the attendants were so into this that they started planning their first investment and showed a genuine interest in attending the next meeting of the purple fever.

Keep It Purple!

Guillermo – OneZetty